Naya Shoes Giveaway! Win these Bakula Pumps | Fashion Pulse Daily


  1. Lily says

    I follow you on twitter, username slowclublover. And I will consciously try to take shorter showers!

  2. Joy Bennett says

    I’m following you on twitter – my handle: @jjjbennett)

  3. Joy Bennett says

    I help the environment by not using water bottle I fill a glass with water instead

  4. Angela Winesburg says

    following @fashionpulse on Twitter (@Hotsnotty2) I will recycle more, thanks for the chance!

  5. Rose says

    I follow the Fashion Pulse newsletter.

  6. Rose says

    To help the environment I already shut off the water while brushing my teeth and I do the same while washing my hands (shut off the water while soaping up).

  7. Dee says

    I follow you on twitter @deegee13 and one thing I’ve done is use a thermos at coffee shops and my own mug as opposed to their cups.

  8. Pauline M says

    I follow on twitter (pauline15) and we are trying to cut down on our plastic bottle usage. We all have great water bottles that we use, but periodically, hit the gas station for bottled water when we’re running late. It’s just a matter of a little better planning on our parts.

  9. wcc says

    I’m a follower on twitter (@whitechocolatec) and I’m already subscribed to your email. Thanks so very much for the chance! 🙂 These are gorgeous!

  10. Darcy B says

    follow fashionpulse on twitter as darcybel
    I promise to drive less and walk more to help the environment.

  11. wcc says

    Some things that we do to be kinder to the environment are limiting our water usage. We always use our refillable bottles for our drinking water and use a water filtration system – less waste.

  12. Salleefur/Jesslyn says

    I signed up for the Fashion Pulse Daily Newsletter. (Aside: I really love the Bakula Pumps in both Black Leather and Bordo Leather.)

    We do all we can for the environment: recycle, conserve in every way we can, compost, use as little electricity and gas as possible, buy and grow organic, walk, cycle and/or use public transportation unless a car is unavoidable.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  13. dddiva says

    I follow you on twitter- and we are using less packaging whenever possible.

  14. Danielle says

    twitter follower @ferriza2

    i have been using filtered water and refilling my kor water bottle instead of getting bottles but i really want to do more. I have been trying to remember to take shorter showers and to turn the water off when brushing my teeth. oh and i am washing large loads of clothes and hang drying!

  15. shannon Baas says

    I subscribe to the newsletter

  16. Mandala says

    Following via Twitter (@mandalarctic). To be kinder to the environment, I bring a water bottle to work to avoid buying bottled water and minimize use of plastic. Thanks!

  17. Casey F says

    i follow on twitter @MissLeeThatsMe 🙂
    i pretty much recycle EVERYTHINg but i am bad at leaving lights and electronics on when i’m not using them. so i am really trying to buckle down and break the habit!

  18. Jessica says

    I subscribe to your newsletter. I recently started bringing my own bags to the grocery store.

  19. Jamie says

    LOVE these! My feet have grown since I’ve been pregnant. With my baby due in a week, I would LOVE to win these and actually have some shoes for work that FIT again – haha!! I follow via twitter as @champagnewisdom 🙂

  20. Jamie says

    With a baby due in a week, we’re trying to cloth diaper instead of use disposable diapers. I used disposable diapers with my son, but we’re getting ready for this new little one and we have our hopes set high on fewer waste by using cloth diapers!

  21. Olivia says

    I’ve subscribed to the newsletter. I conserve water by taking shorter showers!

  22. kate says

    I follow you on twitter @kcmichigan

    My family and I try to recycle and eat local food from the Farmers Market!

  23. Emma Peel says

    I’m Following you on Twitter id- Emma__Peel

  24. i follow @briann88, I will turn water off while doing the dishes and just fill the sink up once

  25. Kerrie G says

    I follow @fashionpulse on Twitter @36momma

  26. Kerrie G says

    One thing I will do more of to be kinder to the environment is use less energy by turning off lights, computer, tv…… when we are not using them!

  27. Betsy Hoff says

    I follow on Twitter as bukaeyes

  28. Betsy Hoff says

    I started to cloth diaper my daughter to reduce waste.

  29. Jennifer M says

    Twitter follower as jennem1.

    I stopped using all paper towels, napkins, plates, etc.

  30. Christine says

    I’m following you on twitter (Tina12312).
    I’m recycling more and reducing my water and electricity usage as much as possible. Love these shoes, thank you for the great giveaway!

  31. Michelle Tucker says

    signed up for the Fashion Pulse Daily Newsletter.

    Also follow on twitter. iiiyadirf

    I will make sure I turn off every thing that’s on, if it’s not in use. I will also make sure if I see a piece of trash on the ground, I will dispose of it properly.

  32. Tiffany says

    Follow @fashionpulse on Twitter @Mtlgrl4evr
    I will recycle more.

  33. Angela K says

    I love these shoes – they are gorgeous!

    1. I follow you on Twitter @BountyHunter338
    2. I will try to remember to keep reusable bags with me for all my shopping.
    3. I am a US resident

  34. Frances Carty says

    I will compost.

  35. FaithJ says

    I am already a newsletter subscriber! I am going to recycle more plastics. I do a little but I can be more strict about it!

  36. Kate says

    I am a follower on Twitter @KateLBeebe!
    I am going to try to cut back on bubble baths – one doesn’t realize how much water they actually use!

  37. Molly says

    I’m following you on Twitter (my handle is @pittsburgh_girl). I’m going to be walking to the grocery store more often and remember my reusable bags!

  38. gnwg says

    I follow you on twitter. gnwg

  39. gnwg says

    I always try to turn the lights out when I leave a room and unplugged unused electronics to help conserve energy.

  40. Haven says

    I want these so bad. ^_^ I’m a follower on twitter @havenstwit

  41. Haven says

    One thing I will do to be kinder to the environment is… carpool!

  42. phxbne says

    twitter follow @phxbne
    I will take shorter showers

  43. Tina Renee says

    Yay! I’m following you on twitter – my handle: @warp65

  44. Tina Renee says

    One thing I’m doing to be kinder to the environment is
    biking to work, weather permitting, instead of driving!

  45. Jaymi says

    Follow you on twitter @elphokitty.
    I’ve swapped to reusable shopping bags for my shopping. It has been good for the environment and they’re ubercute.

  46. Heather says

    I signed up for the newsletter! I have started unplugging more things when I leave the house, even for the day at work. I think any little extra bit helps!

  47. Valerie C. says

    I follow on Twitter (dragonfly777) and get your newsletter too.

  48. Valerie C. says

    I’m really working at conserving energy and not being wasteful. I’m a mom of two and think it’s important to set a good example and get the children involved too. We recycle, compost and garden too. Thanks!

  49. I follow you at twitter, @kikishoes

    To be kinder to the environment, I bring my lunch to work in a reusable lunch bag and use biodegradable cat litter.

  50. kathy pease says

    email subscriber

    i am recycling and have replaced a few appliances to more efficient ones and i bring my own reusable bags grocery shopping 🙂

    i want to change a few more appliances and learn to compost

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