November 25, 2014

Beauty Tuesday: Treating Onset Adult Acne

Dr. Hobbs

[Dr. Lori Hobbs, dermatologist and acne expert]

My skin has been doing some very funky things lately. Even though I’ve been giving it an increasing amount of TLC over the past years, for some reason, all it wants to do is rebel against me. A cyst or breakout has caused me to feel self-conscious, revisiting feelings that I don’t think I’ve thoroughly felt since my teen years, and I really, really, don’t like it. Upon discussing this recent streak of breakouts with some friends my age or a tad older, everyone I’ve asked had experienced something similar, which left me on the hunt for answers, and products, that can be of assistance.

Most of the products I found were marketed to teens, and I felt also not strong enough to really “zap zits” or how to deal with my myriad of products in the mix that I don’t want to stop using, like eye cream, serum, and SPF moisturizer.

Luckily, Beverly Hills-based dermatologist and acne expert Dr. Lori Hobbs was kind enough to lend her expertise on the subject matter, so that if you’re having these same skin issues, you hopefully won’t feel as helpless and clueless as I did several months ago! See below for my Q&A with Dr. Hobbs, as well as some of my product recommendations at the bottom of the post.

Julia DiNardo: What are the main causes of adult acne?

Dr. Lori Hobbs: Adult set acne is categorized as persistent adult acne which continues from adolescence into adulthood and late onset adult acne which occurs for the first time in adulthood. Typically late onset adult acne lesions are located mostly around the chin and mouth area and tends to flare premenstrually. Acne lesions can occur sporadically without hormonal fluctuations in late set adult acne.

The causes of adult set acne is unclear and multifactorial. Hormones, especially androgens, as well as hereditary predisposition all can play a factor in adult acne. Other causes which may be factors are smoking, medications (for example certain depression medications, neurological meds, etc), make up which is comedogenic, certain hair products which have more oil base, endocrine issues, etc.

JD: Should the skin be treated in a preventive manner before breakouts or for hormonal issues. For women, what days in the cycle are important to pay attention to, as far as when flare ups may occur?
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November 24, 2014

Fur Stilettos? No Problem!

julia dinardo personal style

We’ve all had that moment when practicality has flown out the window just mere seconds beforehand, and before our eyes, on-screen or in-person, is something on display that without a doubt, must be ours.  For me, these faux fur stilettos can be classified as such, that against all odds, have become a beloved item in my wardrobe. Never mind that I live in New York City where unless you are a “cab to curb” gal, practicality in footwear reigns supreme. But because I reside in New York City where dozens of subway stairs and the unexpected extra eight blocks of walking pervade, these heels have become an extra special, coveted item that can add a dose of high fashion and fantasy into the every day.
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November 20, 2014

Sneak Peek: JCPenney’s Spring 2015 Collections

Great style and exceptional value is certainly a win-win scenario, and JCPenney has certainly hit the nail on the head with its array of styles for spring 2015. Per usual, I heavily focused on the accessories across it’s design and in-house brands, with some eye-catching printed blouses and home furnishings worth a mention. See the slideshow above for some of my top picks, which include Nicole by Nicole Miller, a.n.a, i heart ronson, and l’amour by Nanette Lepore, to name a few. If you’re in the mood to shop sooner than later or need to get a jump start on the holiday shopping, reference JCPenney’s “gift by price” assortment, where you’ll be sure to find something for everybody on your list!

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