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  1. Steph says

    follow on twitter @desmoinesdealin

  2. hbomb says

    I’m a twitter follower! @xbeautifulcoma
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  3. Steph says

    i am using reusable bags!

  4. hbomb says

    I try to recycle when I can, and I turn off lights when they need to be off.
    xbeautifulcoma at yahoo dot com

  5. Lynda says

    i’m a twitter following @oshkoshbgosh123

  6. Lynda says

    i will not leave the water running when i brush my teeth. i will use totes when i go grocery shopping

  7. Subscribed to the Fashion Plus Daily newsletter. Thanks.

  8. I will decrease the use of disposable lunch containers for my kids such as baggies and start using reusable containers. Thanks.

  9. Chris G says

    i follow as cg689 on twitter and subscribe to your feed!

  10. Chris G says

    one thing i do is unplug all my electronic devices when im not using them!

  11. Schmidty says

    I follow you on twitter @rusthawk. I use cloth instead of paper towels, keep the thermostat at a moderate temp in summer and winter, and I handwash instead of using the dishwasher.

  12. ewhatley says

    I am an email subber.

    I’ve stopped letting the water run while I brush, floss and rinse.

    ewhatley at embarqmail dot com

  13. ShellieAndBrutus says

    I would use cold water more often.
    FGollowing you on Twitter

  14. Charlene Kuser says

    I am a subscriber to your newsletter.
    I do not use plastic bags anymore when I go shopping,I bring my own
    canvas bags

  15. Gianna says

    I’m an email subscriber.

  16. I follow you @Melindesign

    I work at home, rarely drive a 20 year old volvo that I run errands only 2-3 times a month to save on gas (I fill it like once every 3 weeks!). I have a major veggie garden, compost, shop only at the farmer’s market, I try to buy as local as possible, recycle everything, and I’m very conscious of the types of things I buy to avoid unnecessary packaging. I really can’t stand excessive packaging. I always have my own shopping bags, I never bring plastic home. I took two vacations this summer by motorcycle and spent only $25 on gas, my bike gets about 57 mpg!

  17. Jen says

    i receive your newsletter

  18. I follow via Twitter. @notoriousspinks

  19. I’m going to work harder at buying more local fruit and veggies but I do recycle everything I can.

  20. […] winner of the Naya Bakula Pumps Giveaway is  Casey F.  of Findlay, Ohio. Congrats Casey, and thanks to everyone who entered! Don’t […]

  21. deb c says

    follow fashionpulse on twitter-missdeb1

  22. deb c says

    We recycle everything we can, keep lights turned out if not needed & switched to energy saving bulbs, use green cleaning products, and walk whenever possible instead of drive.

  23. Ashley says

    I follow on twitter ( and signed up for the newsletter. Also I’m going to stop driving and start riding my bike every where! I already recycle and am conscience of my water usage. But i’m going to start encouraging my company to recycle as well!

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