Steve Madden Kyla Woven Satchel Giveaway (Courtesy of Loehmann’s) | Fashion Pulse Daily


  1. Diana says

    I subscribed.
    I got new Coach winter boots with fur trim for $3 at a rummage sale. I love rummage sales in wealthy neighborhoods in NJ. Always fantastic stuff.

  2. Julia says

    I got an Anthropologie dress for $7 when it originally cost $200 simply because the stitching wasn’t perfect. I got home and fixed it in a jiffy! ha

  3. Rae Higgins says

    I won a $200 Michael Kors purse on!!

  4. Rae Higgins says

    I subscribe to your newsletter.

  5. Jackie Coleman says

    The best deal I ever recieved was a pair of Coach shoes that where 50% off and than an extra 20% off. The final cost of the shoes where $30.

  6. pinksade says

    Email subscriber

    Unfortunately I’ve never come across any incredible designer deals that I just had to buy 🙁

  7. Deborah Graham says

    The best designer deal I’ve ever gotten actually came through a local consignment shop! A few months ago, I got a Herve Leger dress for $60!!….

  8. Stephani B says

    Email subscriber here! I bought a Coach bag at a yard sale for $10! The woman had no clue what it was worth!

  9. Vittoria says

    i got some great sam edelman shoes for $40 dollars….a markdown from their normal $100+ price!

  10. Renee B says

    The best deal I ever got was at a local boutique. I got a pair of Miss L Fire shoes on sale for $60, then I got 1/2 off of a pair of Irregular Choice. I spent $120 total for $400 worth of designer shoes!
    I’m net to your blog but I’m now subscribed!

  11. I got a vintage Prada bag at a thrift store while on a business trip for only $80 😛

  12. Kari Camacho says

    i’sm a fleamarket’s lover, so i have found many incredible things, but the most amazyng deal was a $1000 Judith Leiber purse for $1 dllr! <3

  13. I love this bag, the color and that it’s a satchel. I hate to carry bags only on my shoulder with those short straps. This is perfect! The best designer deal I have ever gotten would have to be a pale pink chiffon blouse from Chanel, I only got it for $28 dollars, and I don’t know the original price but I imagine it was far more than what I paid! I am a subscriber already and my email is What a great giveaway, thanks so much!

  14. The only thing that I have that is designer are my Juicy Couture sunglasses, necklace, braclet and purse which I LOVE! All were purchased on at a military base so I got a huge discount and NO TAX so you can’t beat that!

  15. I bought a $250 designer purse (excellent condition) for $20 at my local goodwill! I am a subscriber

    liis177 at hotmail dot com

  16. amanda says

    the most incredible designer purchase i have brought at a bargain would be my michel kors wallet. The wallet is red patent leather with mk all over. I loved the design when I first layed eyes on the beauty, it was part of a christmas special and I got it at a discounted price for about $86.00.

  17. Kimberly Wright says

    New email subscriber – halochanel at gmail dot com
    Best deal was a Michael Koors purse for $25 from a department store because it had a tiny speck of ink on the inside!

  18. ewhatley says

    Several years ago, I won a very pricey designer bag. At the time, I needed money more than I needed that beautiful bag, so I listed it on ebay and it sold in less than 5 minutes.

  19. Jenna says

    I am a subscriber. The best deal I got on a bag was my new Coach tote which retails for 300. I got it for 175.

  20. Ariana says

    Last winter I bought Coach leather cashmere lined gloves for about $13 🙂

  21. Hofken says

    The most incredible designer apparel deal I ever got was a Missoni sweater at a resale shop for $10!
    I am a Fashion Pulse Daily Newsletter subscriber

  22. Carolyn says

    I am already a subscriber!
    The best bargain would have to be a Coach purse.

  23. I found a vintage Coach bag at a tag sale for $2. I had to work hard to contain my excitement so as not to tip off the woman running the sale…I didn’t want her to feel like she needed to add any zeros!

  24. tracey byram says

    I once got a Dooney-Bourke bag and a Coach bag for less than $40 each when my local Macy´s store was closing.

  25. Meg T says

    This weekend I made my very first Bloomingdales trip and got a dress for $32 marked down from 238. I love it and love the price too!

  26. Lydia says

    I love getting deals! I have lots of cool stories but I remember my first great fashion find – a pair of $800 Manolo Blahnik shoes for under $200!

    I am already a newsletter subscriber.

  27. Holly S. says

    The closest I’ve gotten to a designer anything was a mock-Burberry purse I bought on the street in Hong Kong. No tag or anything, but I liked the shape.

  28. Holly S. says

    I signed up for the Fashion Pulse Daily Newsletter.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. Taylor says

    so excited to hear who won! i love that purse!

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