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May 18, 2015

A Mint, Black, & White Spring

As promised in last week’s post, I’m going to try to keep the white jean/pant motif going all spring and summer long, hence, here’s one more way to wear it and make it work for the office. It’s joined this week by black and mint, a rather complimentary color palette that I feel right at home in. In fact, I’ve found that for  approximately the past 15 years, I’m always gravitating toward creamy, minty hues; so much so that I wanted it to be one of our wedding colors and have worn it more often than not in tops and dresses as the perfect foil to my gingery tresses.

Black and white slingback loafers provide a pop of mod color contrast, while I took inspiration from the shoe’s hardware and tried to mimic the shapes and texture of it in my jewelry. I’ve found that being observant of the shape and weightiness of an object, and matching your look to balance that out or elegantly contrast with it is quite key.

Oftentimes, the wrong kind of fabrics or jewelry can be introduced into a look that has great potential, but ends up being slightly off because the balance of soft versus hard, geometric versus fluid, isn’t quite right. Next time you’re feeling like something may be off about your look but can’t quite but a finger on what to remove or adjust, think about the combination of texture, shape and fabrication that you’ve introduced to the outfit.
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