Curations with Stefani Greenfield: Which Necklace Do You Like with my Turtleneck? | Fashion Pulse Daily


  1. I like them both…but Necklace B is my Best pick it looks like an Egyptian inspired necklace with a large emerald engraved.

  2. zy says

    they’re both GORGEOUS but necklace A goes better with the turtleneck. necklace B should be worn with a strapless dress or top…

  3. Elena says

    I like B, it evens out nicely with the rest of the turtleneck and it looks like it belongs with the shirt!

  4. Necklace B Necklace B!!!

    Regal, medieval, commanding, charming, warrior necklace! (something about the large open chain and naked stone in Necklace A seems cheaper, less real to me.) But, then again, I sort of wish we all went around in fabulous costumes instead of regular clothes 😀 So take my advice with a pinch of salt!

  5. Necklace B looks fantastic with your turtleneck!

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