1. Linda White says

    I am an email subscriber and I like Fashion Pulse Daily on Facebook now too! I like OPI polishes right now but Im sure I would like The Julep Maven too! Sounds wonderful!

  2. Jenn says

    Favorite polish right now is Kiss &Tell by TopShop, although I just received Pirate from Chanel and I’m stoked to try it!! Love changing my nail color every week- its the one beauty risk I’m willing to take anytime that is work and weekend appropriate.

    I’ve done all three (facebook, twitter, newsletter). Love me some Fashion Pulse Daily xo

  3. jaime says

    I liked fashion pulse daily on facebook and followed on twitter!
    My favorite nail polish right not is Ulta’s finely pruned, still love the gray

  4. Sara P. says

    I really like all of the new sparkly OPI colors right now! I am currently wearing a sparkly blue.
    I follow you on Twitter.

  5. Follow on Twitter (@freckleberrymom)
    Like on FB (Ashley Capps)
    Sub via email (

    Currently loving the Revlon Gumdrop polish — it’s scented!

  6. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I subscribe via email: valhoff 3 at yahoo dot com
    I follow you on Twitter: @mamavalveeta03
    I like you on Facebook: valerie p h

    I am wearing a lot of Essie these days. I just love the freshness of her colors!

  7. Tina says

    I have quite of collection of nail polishes, yes, I’m a little obsessed. Right now, my fav color is Sugar Plum by Revlon.
    I subscribe to newsletter.
    Follow on twitter -tinatre01.
    Follow on FB-tina trevino

  8. Rae Higgins says

    subscribe to email

    follow on twitter

    like on facebook

  9. I follow FPD already…I’m currently loving Essie and Zoya. Essie’s Chinchilly is the most perfect color for my skin tone and a great work neutral. Zoya gave away two free bottles at the beginning of the year and I love the colors I chose.

  10. I’m following you on Twitter!

  11. I liked you on FB

  12. Follow you both on twitter and FB. My favorite nailpolish currently is Essie..all the fresh spring colors. Oh, and BTW…Congratulations, Julia!! What kind of cookies do you want for the wedding?? 😉

  13. Marlee says

    I’m in love with Zoya Kristen at the moment!
    I follow you on twitter as @marleenoah

  14. Gift Princess says

    I am an email subscriber:
    Facebook liker: Gift Princess Quillopa Goden
    Twitter follower: @giftprincess
    My current favorite polish is OPI Silver Shatter! 🙂

  15. Elisabeth says

    I follow on twitter @egood33
    I also like your FB page as Elisabeth Good

    Right now I’m really liking purple nail polishes, the deeper the better!

  16. Sense says

    I’m an email subscriber and I’m a twitter follower (@dollasandsense). My favorite nail polish right now is the Sally Hansen Salon line because of the shape of the brush and because of how long it lasts.

  17. Holly S. says

    #1- I subscribe to your newsletter via email to hstorm799{at}gmail{dot}com.
    #2 – I follow you on Twitter as @HollyStormEtsy.
    #3 – I like you on FB as Holly Storm-Burge.
    What nail polish is currently your favorite? Right now I’m wearing a Monarch Butterfly nail art manicure using Sinful Colors Nail Art in Sunset, Black, & White. Mani shown on Pinterest here:
    It’s gorgeous! Thanks!

  18. nkei says

    I’m rocking Avon’s Nail wear pro in Powerful Pink

    #ff on twitter: @rushofblo_od
    Liked on FB: Nkechi Opurum

  19. Dianne K says

    I am a subscriber to your daily emails,and I like you on Facebook.

  20. Kimberly B. says

    Subscriber of FashionPulseDaily newsletter
    Follow you @fashionpulse on Twitter, @winsome6
    Like you on Facebook.
    My favorite nail polish right now is Japanese Rose garden by OPI

  21. Danielle says

    I like you on facebook and twitter. My current favorite nail polish is Zoya Charla!

  22. shirley fin says

    like you on fb

  23. shirley fin says

    like ballet slippers

  24. I subscribed to your newsletter!

  25. Danielle says

    I’m following you on Twitter as gimmetweets3

  26. Danielle says

    My current favorite nail polish is Faye by Zoya

  27. Danielle says

    I subscribed to your newsletter with the email below

  28. Kim Henrichs says

    I follow fashionpulse on twitter @methhamfetabean

  29. Kim Henrichs says

    I like Fashion Pulse on Facebook

  30. Kim Henrichs says

    Right now my favorite is Zoya’s Sloane

  31. Frances Veenstra says

    I like you on facebook!

  32. Frances Veenstra says

    I also subscribed to the newsletter!

  33. Frances Veenstra says

    My fav nail polish right now a simple sally hansen xtreme wear (golden 485). Its like a shimmery gold champagne 🙂

  34. Calli says

    I follow you via twitter as @freefragments. I am currently in love with essie nail polishes.

  35. […] to win The Julep Maven Intro Nail Polish Set!!! Visit for complete details on how to enter to win. Contest ends Feb. 1, 2012. US readers […]

  36. Tracy says

    This is a great giveaway. I “liked” you on facebook, follow you on twitter. My fave nail polish at the moment is Essie Haute as Hello.

    tbsmidget (at) yahoo (dot) com

  37. deelirium says

    Signed up for the newsletter with the email above. Following on twitter @deelirium. Liked on fb, first name delaina. My fav polish is OPI Red, but I have a new interest every week!

  38. Jennifer B says

    Subscribe to email

    I really love my Revlon Pure pearl

  39. Danielle says

    I’m following you on Twitter as @gimmetweets3

  40. Danielle says

    Subscribed to your email list with the email below

  41. Danielle says

    My current favorite nail polish is Zoya Faye

  42. Trezlen says

    My favorite color is anything that is sparkly and iridescent.
    I liked you on FB.

  43. Hofken says

    I Subscribe to the FashionPulseDaily newsletter (
    I follow you @fashionpulse on Twitter (@hofken)
    I “Like” you on Facebook (Cynthia M Richardson)
    Chanel Quartz is currently my favorite

  44. Saharaa Rao says

    I Follow us @fashionpulse on Twitter @wannabyoung4eve

  45. Saharaa Rao says

    I Liked you on Facebook

  46. Saharaa Rao says

    My current fave is Julep Anne

  47. Elis says

    I followed on twitter – @ElisVanity
    Facebook – same as email adress
    I love colorama colors, any cream color from them

  48. Liz says

    Following you on twitter: @LizLikeYou

    My favorite color atm, is pale pink.

    lnordquist (at)live(dot)com

  49. mello says

    twitter; michelle2119
    fb; yuki kuran
    email; irinasas at yahoo dot com
    chanel quartz

  50. Becca says

    I’m subscribed to the mailing list.
    Right now I’m playing with lots of deep reds.

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