1. Chris says

    1. I liked Sorel’s FB Fan Page.
    2. I currently wear knee-high flat riding boots by Enzo when it rains – let’s just say they’re not good for traction when it’s wet outside. The Sorels would be great for travel and for work! Thanks!

  2. Emily says

    I’m a Fashion Pulse Daily subscriber, and I’m currently wearing black Hunter boots with a red raincoat … but I’d love a pair of bright boots!

  3. Shannon says

    I’m an email subscriber!

  4. purplelarkspur says

    I follow @sorelfootwear on Twitter. I am @purplelarkspur

    I have been wearing a pair of old tretorns in the rain. They are about 5 years old, and are totally falling apart. I could use a new pair of rain shoes ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Rebecca says

    I am a FPD follower, and I just “liked” Sorel on FB. I currently wear a pair of closed toed dress shoes that have a little bit of a sole to walk through water! This however, didn’t work well when we had rain/snow mix about 3 months ago! I’d love a pair of Tivoli to walk my dog in the rain!

  6. Lindsay says

    I like Sorel on facebook and am a FPD subscriber. Currently I wear a pair of old olive work boots I found at a thrift store. Or my Chaco’s when it’s warm. I just love the bright red or yellow boots!

  7. Jessica says

    I subscribe to FPD and I’d love a pair of Tivoli’s to add to my wardrobe. Currently I’m stuck wearing an old pair of black boots (not waterproof) with matching holes on the inside of either boot. I’d really love to replace them with a black or red pair of these fantastic Sorels!

  8. Subscribed to Fashion Pulse Daily by email — I don’t have rain boots, so when it rains I’m currently wearing whatever’s on my feet; clogs, sneaks, or sandals ๐Ÿ™‚ *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  9. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I follow FPD by email (valhoff 3 at yahoo dot com), on twitter (@mamavalveeta03), and on Facebook.
    I usually don’t pay much attention to the weather report, so I get stuck in my suede ballet flats or heels and ruin them!!! (not so smart, huh???)
    The red and yellow ones are SO adorable!

  10. I โ€œLikeโ€ Sorel on Facebook.
    When it rains I’m very happy because I can wear my great clothes : my umbrella and a trench coat but what for my feet ? They always get wet ๐Ÿ™

  11. megs says

    I liked Sorel on FB! I am currently wearing pink galoshes, because it rained this morning!

  12. Juju says

    I like Sorel on facebook. It rained today and I wore my tall, bright green rain boots and forest green coat with a black hoodie underneath. My green coat it’s warm but doesn’t have a hood. ^_^;;

  13. Crystal Kupfer says

    I follow the newsletters and Liked on Facebook. I don’t tweet so I did not do that one. In the rain I wear my Ugg boots, which even though I have sprayed them with the waterproofing spray five or six different times they still end up soaked. My doctor gets so mad at me because I am diabetic and need to take extra time caring for my feet. He says I need good boots and sneakers, but I love my Uggs and my sandles, what are you gonna do. I am all about comfort. Thanks for considering me to try your product. I love the blue and black ones but they are all so cute.

  14. megan says

    I’m a facebook follower and these boots are a necessity in Portland. I wear my Sorel rainboots to the dogpark daily.

  15. hj says

    I follow sorel on twitter @creep4ward
    I just try to avoid wearing suede or canvas when it rains. And try to have an extra pair of socks handy.
    hmcnaron at gmail

  16. Tiffany N says

    I “like” Sorel on Facebook. I love rainboots! So, whenever it rains, I’m sporting one of many pairs!

  17. Katy says

    I follow sorel on twitter @kitkat234 & I just wear my tennis shoes that get all wet!

  18. Elizabeth says

    I follow Sorel on twitter, a native southern Californian living in NYC I depend on my reef flip flops during rainstorms in the summer and wear Hunters in the winter, I could desperately use a pair of the black tivolis!

  19. leslie says

    I have Avon barbie rain boots ,black with pink dots on them, but these look like they would be awesome on my feet to.

  20. leslie says

    I currently have Avon barbie rain boots pink pokiedots and black boots,but these would look awesome

  21. Jennifer B says

    I have nothing to wear when it rains so mainly just my flip flops

    I subscribe to email

  22. Mary Withrow says

    I am a fan of Sorel on Facebook! I LOVE Sorel boots and want a pair so badly. I walk dogs every day at an animal shelter and when it rains I wear tennis shoes and my feet get all wet and soggy! Some days I wear Tom’s because they just dry out and are nice again! I would LOVE to have a pair of these in YELLOW! Thanks Fashion Pulse and Sorel for the contest!

  23. Annie says

    I wear Hunters when it rains but love these Sorel boots Don’t mind which color they are all gorgeous!

  24. Jessica Kromer says

    Just sneakers ๐Ÿ™ my feet get wet all the time…I’ve never been able to find any rain boots I love until I saw these ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Connie Williamson says

    I’m a website fan of Sorel, but I have NO boots. Yet. So my feet pretty much get soaked or at least soggy when it rains. I could really use those boots.

  26. Melinda Artis says

    Right now I wear my pumas. I really need a pair of rainboots!

  27. mindy says

    unfortunately i am wearing my old sneakers when it rains. i put plastic bags on them and hold them on with my daughters old hair ties!

  28. Sense says

    I subscribe to the newsletter. I think I look odd in pants, so I wear skirts and dresses to work every day, which means my legs get wet when it rains. My solution is to wear flip flops while walking to the Metro from home and from the Metro to the office, and then put my heels on when I get into the building. I carry a small hand towel in my bag which I use to wipe my legs dry. And I carry one of those adorable clear bubble umbrellas to keep my upper body dry.

  29. Marie says

    I wear the women’s caribou boots every day at work! rain or shine. would be great to get a new pair of spring/summer boots to keep my feet dry!

  30. Marie says

    oh, and I liked Sorel on facebook!

  31. Kathy H. says

    I wear sneakers when it rains. I follow you on twitter!@

  32. Vanessa S says

    I am a subscriber of FPD….I wear my Sketchers Shape Ups in the rain.

  33. Would love to win a pair of Sorel rain boots! Currently, my Banana Republic rain boots are my go to shoes for rainy days. I subscribe to the FPD newsletter.

  34. Wanda says

    I love Sorel on Facebook! (Wanda Staton Galloway)

  35. Wanda says

    I love Sorel on Facebook! (Wanda Staton Galloway)

  36. Wanda says

    I’m using my daughters rainboots. She’s nice enough to share. ๐Ÿ™‚

  37. Alissa A says

    I’m an email subscriber. captainliss40(at)gmail(dot)com

  38. Gaye McGill says

    I subscribe to the Fashion Pulse Daily Newsletter and I โ€œLikeโ€ Sorel on Facebook. Sadly I have no rainboots right now, so usually I put on my tennis shoes and make a run for it when it’s raining.

  39. Sherry B. says

    Please don’t laugh, but I’ve never owned a pair of rainboots in my life! I just wear my sneakers or an old pair of leather loafers when it rains—yeah, my feet get soaked and uncomfortable! *bummer*

  40. i am a newsletter subscriber
    I wear some $10 rain boots LOL

  41. 1. I liked Sorelโ€™s FB Fan Page & I am also subscribed.
    2. Sadly, I don’t own rain boots. I usually wear my Chinese Laundry boots which are leather, and not good for water! I live in Portland, Oregon where it never stops raining too! Sometimes I’m caught with sandals or non-waterproof flats when it starts pouring!

  42. […] Will the rain EVER let up? No, but at least you can slosh through it in some Sorels: [FashionPulseDaily] […]

  43. Hofken says

    I follow @sorelfootwear on Twitter @hofken. When it rains, I’m currently wearing whatever shoes I put on that morning – what a mess!

  44. Lydia says

    I receive your newsletter. I currently wear no-brand rainboots that have a Pucci-esque turquoise and pink print on them!

  45. al says

    I ‘liked’ Sorelโ€™s FB Fan Page. Currently wearing flip flops. Bummer when its muddy! The Sorel’s would be awesome!

  46. Katie says

    I subscribe to your newsletter!
    I currently wear an old pair of black ballet flats to walk in the rain.

  47. Paula Giglia says

    I follow Sorel on facebook, and I currently wear flip flops in the rain. lol

  48. Breeze says

    Followed on twitter. Currently I have no fabulous waterproof shoes for rainy days, so I’m stuck in whatever soon-to-be soggy shoes I’m wearing that day. I could use some Sorels!

  49. Natalie M. says

    I am in the “no current rainboots” camp. I wear flip flops if I can get away with it, and an old pair of tennis shoes if it’s too cold. I need a cute pair and these are divine!

  50. Samantha says

    I liked the FB fan page. Unfortunately, I wear flip flops in the rain!

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