May 22, 2017

Three ’90s Shoe Styles that are Back in a Major Way

There’s no doubt that when it comes to fashion, what’s old is new, and so the story goes and continues, with quite a bit of regularity. It’s about time that these shoes in particular, from 18-20 years ago, return with gale force,¬† and now there’s even more variety in fabrications, color, height, and even¬†embellishments. The unisex, throwback styles ruled in the mid-90s, and by no big surprise they’ve found their way back into popular culture in a less sporty, and more fashionable context, and what am I referring to exactly? Why, they are Birkenstocks, Tevas, and slides (formerly known as “shower sandals”), to be exact! If you are a child of the ’90s, surely you had one or all three styles in your closet (I sure did), and on the plus side, all of these styles prove to be reasonably to highly comfortable, which is a rare feat to be both on-trend and walking on clouds! See the slideshow above for my most favorite footwear offerings from the three distinct styles.

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