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  1. Jennifer Hutchinson says

    I know this amazing woman who would never admit that she really is doing it all and is an awesome mom, wife and woman. Works full time, goes to school full time, has five children, volunteers at her church, all the children play soccer and her dream is to become an orthopedic surgeon. Money is super tight with her husband out of work, but together with God by their sides, life is happy and ful of love.

  2. Jennifer Hutchinson says

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  3. anissa says

    I adore those boots! One of the most fearless persons I know and love is my mother! She’s had to raise up almost by herself while my father was deployed fighting for our country.

  4. anissa says

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  6. My mom is incredibly fearless…a lesser woman would have curled up under a pile of depression if faced with the challenges she has. Not my mom, she calmly soldiers on. No excuses, no giving up, no solution left unexplored. I adore her.
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  8. Lennie says

    My Aunt Ruth was totally fearless. She could fix anything, cook anything, and had a very determined personality. She left a permant mark on my life.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. shana says

    My friend Tiffany, She is a married mom of 3 who has giving so much inspiration to do thing’s I thought I wasn’t able to do…She has been through so much and is still the same Great girl I meant year’s ago..

  10. My friend Amy is inspirational. She was faced with the possibility of an unwanted divorce. She fought from day one to keep her marriage and is now happy and expecting baby number 2. I pays to fight for what you believe in!

  11. Hofken says

    My mom is the fearless, inspirational woman in my life. She faces every crisis with grace faith and a sense of humor.

  12. Hofken says

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  13. Quanda says

    My Mother is the fearless, inspirational woman in my life. Her love is unconditional and she’s the glue that holds my family together.

  14. Quanda says

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  15. Kathy S says

    My friend Irene was very inspirational in my life. She battled cancer three times and finally lost the battle. She helped us deal with her final days. Inspiring!

  16. T says

    My sister is a fearless woman! She’s never cared what anyone thinks about her. She always says what she feels, wears what she wants, and does what is right. Confidence is her middle name!

    Thanks! — T

  17. Kristin Gates says

    My dear friend- she is facing stage 3 cancer and looks at everyday as a new beginning and has never let life or her illness take her down. She is incredible!

  18. Kristin Gates says

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  19. Rosemary says

    I am so proud of my fearless daughter who has followed her
    passion for dance to go to NYC as a teen, study in London
    when she knew no one there and now is pursuing dance in India.

  20. Molly says

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  21. Molly says

    The most fearless, inspirational woman in my life is my mom. We grew up in a hard household with an abusive father and my mom protected us, got away from it, and is now a very successful, independent, beautiful woman and role model for myself and my siblings. She faced hardship head on and came out above!

  22. Molly says

    I tweeted about the giveway, I hope it worked, I’m new to Twitter:)

  23. Renee B says

    The most fearless woman in my life is Jacqui, my father’s coworker and my dear friend. She has led an independent, artistic, active life and has never apologized for it. When I was small she volunteered to watch me so she could teach me to paint and take me to museums, and to this day I still even laugh just like her.

  24. Renee B says

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  25. Ashley says

    My mom is definitely my fearless inspiration. She is a selfless and wonderful mother and person.

  26. Mari says

    My godmother is an inspiration to me. Pregnant and married at 16, she nonetheless was able to raise her children to become responsible adults, while pursuing her education. She eventually became a nurse and volunteers at a free clinic. She amazes me with her compassion and her ability to forgive the naysayers who judged her.

  27. Mari says

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  28. My mom is my fearless, inspirational woman of choice. Not only has she raised me, my older brother and my younger sister, but she also continues to raise my little 14 year old brother. Additionally, she works full time (and then some) as a nurse where she spends her nights doing some hefty lifting and caretaking of those going through rehabilitation. The icing on the cake? She makes homemade dinners nearly every night (even when she isnt home to enjoy them), gets my little brother to all of his school sports and functions, drives him to school every morning and still somehow finds the time to spend individual quality time with each of her other children. I have NO idea how she does this… it is truly an inspiration and I hope to be at least half the mom she is to me someday.

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  30. Amy T says

    My mom would be the most fearless woman I know. She has faced every challenge thrown her way with strength and didn’t let anything get her down. She is an amazing example of love, compassion and service. I hope that I can be as good of a mom to my kids as she was to me and my siblings.

  31. Amy T says

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  32. Vittoria says

    my fearless woman is my aunt….she went to work day in and day out for 52 years, even after so much in her life had changed: her husband died, she moved out of her house, she had less money. but everyday she got up, went out and did what she needed to do and with a smile on her face. and that’s courage to me.

  33. Vittoria says

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  34. […] winner of our Think Fearlessly, Win Sorel Boots giveaway is Ashley M. of Daphne, AL., who said “My mom is definitely my fearless inspiration. She is a […]

  35. My fearless woman is my mom. She was the first one in her family to come to the US for a master’s degree and was unafraid of distance, uncertainty, and loneliness. She overcame these things to build a home and successful career in NYC. Since she is getting older and NYC winters are brutal, I’d love to win these for her!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

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