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  1. Veena says

    I also LOVE the abbi sugar scrub. The Coconut Lime and Mandarin are two of my favorites!! The best thing is you don’t have to stir them before using, they don’t seperate!!

  2. Vivian says

    black label spa & bath has the best Natural Whipped Sugar Scrubs. The Pomegranate Mango and the new 2012 Summer scent,Raspberry Lemonade are amazing!! The scrubs are made with 30% Shea Butter,Jojoba Oil and Almond Oil. These scrubs are whipped therefore no mixing, no oily mess on the shower floor and your skin will feel like silk.The price is fantastic at $15.00.

  3. Brittlove says

    I LOVE Sugar Britches Body Polish Eucalyptus, tea tree mint with organic v olive oil. I have psoriasis and it’s the only thing that I can use on my body that doesn’t irritate my skin. The Organic Coconut Oil/Ginger is awesome as well. I use that one on my face too and it doesn’t clog my pores.

  4. […] Sugar scrubs are just heavenly. They feel great, produce silky smooth results, and sometimes are hard to not want to eat! My absolutely favorite sugar scrub brand, Simple Sugars, has introduces a trio of delectable, hand-made all-natural scrubs for the holidays that are perfect stocking stuffers, and are perfect for my my 1:1 motto: “one for them, one for me!” This holiday indulge in the Cranberry, Gingerbread, and Sugar ‘n’ Spice body scrubs at the perfect price point of $10.95 per 5 oz jar. […]

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