1. Alessandra says

    My favorite winter accessory is those fingerless gloves with the flap that folds over into mittens. They keep your hands warm and you can remove the mitten part to work your iPod.

  2. Ann A says

    I actually am not a big fan of cold weather, I have to have a scarf and my trusted brown beret I got from Banana Republic. Stylish and warm! YAY!

    brownatural @ gmail dot com

  3. Ann A says

    I actually am not a big fan of cold weather, I have to have a scarf and my trusted brown beret I got from Banana Republic. Stylish and warm! YAY!
    Oh, and I’m a follower on Twitter too (@unluckymrsmom)

    brownatural @ gmail dot com

  4. Kathryn says

    In the winter is always best to wear skinny jeans with a pair of super awesome boots and HUGE FLUFFY FURRY earmuffs. 🙂 Earmuffs take me back to when I was a kid, I cant shake them! 🙂

  5. Janice says

    I followed in Twitter (@harraton). My favorite winter accessory is a hand knit scarf!

  6. My favorite winter accessory is definitely my big, chunky, mustard-colored scarf. I have a red coat, red hat, and mustard scarf, so these boots would go amazingly with them! Btw, my Twitter is @kitsune_kitsch and I’m following @sorelfootwear there.

  7. Taylor A says

    I’m following sorel on Twitter! (crashback2earth)
    My favorite winter accessories are definitely scarves. I have one in nearly every color, hue, tint, and pattern! 🙂

  8. Kristie Bryant Fitzgerald says

    my favorite winter accesories (i need more than just one!) are fingerless gloves with the mitten pullover, a nice long scarf and a pair of fashionable winter boots.

  9. becca says

    my fave winter accessory? sweaters–on boys! 🙂

    what can i say, they just look so cute all bundled up.
    FB follower @ beccaweber

  10. Kayla says

    My favorite winter accessory would have to be tights! In every color and style, great for layering and keeping warm even in skirts!

  11. My FAVORITE winter accessory is my tan shell crochet beret! I’ve had it for years, it goes with everything, and I practically start wearing it as soon as flip-flop season is over!

    Following Sorel on Twitter 🙂

  12. Mindy says

    My favorite accessories in winter are boots. I don’t care if it’s snowy out or icy or just insanely cold…I have the perfect pair of boots for any winter weather that comes my way! I follow Sorel on twitter…I’m @mindylh13.

  13. Jen says

    Silk Long Underwear – a must in the cold weather!

  14. Debra says

    I usually keep my outer gear a little edgy and black. Then I rock it out with really cool boots. These would be perfect!

  15. Kaitlyn says

    Oh my gosh, so many winter accessories! Hats, gloves, scarves, coats, sweaters and the ability to layer layer layer! To pick just one, I’ll say my favorite is my fingerless gloves that can be transformed into mittens. Someone saw them and asked if I was wearing a sock puppet haha.

    Following you on Twitter as _katieloo

    I hope I win! Those boots look AMAZING especially the added traction for these snowy, icy, mushy, slippery months!

  16. ansharp says

    In the winter, I can’t live without my silk-lined wool toggle coat from J.Crew or my fleece-lined wool fingerless gloves. My body and hands are kept fashionably warm, but I need something for my feet. 😉

  17. _SARA1647_ says

    I am a follower on twitter.

    My favorite winter accessories are scarves. Any color, and style, they make an outfit better. Currently I am knitting my own scarves, and that way I can make them exactly how i want them!

  18. Kimberly says

    I follow sorel on Twitter @winsome6
    My favorite accessory is an ecru colored scarf that is so soft and warm. It’s great because it goes with almost everything.

  19. Lindsey says

    My favorite accessory are scarfs! I really love floral prints so I have quite a few of different flower printed scarves. They really make a statement when paired with a black coat! 🙂

    I followed Sorel at Twitter. I’m xlindseey.

  20. I follow on facebook…and love sorels!! These look so comfy and warm.
    I love my big pink cashmere sweaters in the winter with matching scarves…

    thanks for the giveaway..


  21. Jaclyn says

    My favorite winter accessories would be my bright colorful scarves and of course my chic round sunglasses (just because its winter doesn’t mean you don’t need to protect your eyes!).

  22. Katy says

    I go now where without my gloves, it has been a very cold winter here and I could not live without them! I follow you on twitter @kitkat234

  23. my favirote winter item/accessory is a pair of big warm fuzzy boots. following @sorelfootwear on Twitter @sarah_regnier – also a fan on facebook!

  24. Yodalis Moran says

    Hello 🙂
    My favorite winter accessory are scarves. I might not always have gloves and a hat on, but I always carry around a scarf. The Sorel Torino boots would look amazing with one of my fun scarves. Thanks!

  25. Jennifer says

    warm, comfortable, waterproof boots as i walk to and from work (5 miles) five days a week… a lot of times thru snow!

  26. I love my black velvet coat!!These boots would look fabulous with it!!

  27. Kylie Larsson says

    My favorite winter accessories are scarves!

  28. My favorite winter accessory is my bulky knit scarf. I love scarves and can’t wait every year for the weather to be cold enough for me to wear them. 🙂

  29. Tina O. says

    Gloves are my life, especially wool ones! Nothing keeps my hands warmer.

    Those are some rockin’ boots!

  30. My favorite accessory is most definitely my black leather gloves that go well with all my winter outfits. I am also following on Twitter as Leannegip

  31. dymphna says

    fb fan of sorel lorraine delarosa
    I have to have GLOVES I hate cold hands

  32. Sub arctic winds roar across the frosty prairies and Bad Lands of the South Dakota; cracking skin and blistering lips, but luckily, I have an adorable green hooded pea coat. 😀

  33. sunchicka says

    1) Following Sorel via Twitter:sunchicka
    2)My favorite winter accessory: a good pair of boots

  34. I follow via twitter – @ktkatherine
    I LOVE scarves! Can’t get enough of them! They are especially fantastic considering I have short hair and my neck is exposed 🙂

  35. Melonie says

    Favorite winter accessory: Tights tights tights!! Brown, white, cream, all colors!

    Following via twitter @bloggeddown

  36. I am a fan of Sorel on Facebook.
    My favorite winter accessories are arm socks! I look forward to when the street vendors start selling them every year! 🙂

  37. Patricia Downs says

    I am your FB fan, and I would have to say that my favorite winter accessory is a fingerless gloves. Great design! It allows me to turn pages in a book while I am commuting via subway or train, yet keeps my hands protected and warm.

  38. Alexandra Swan says

    I became a fan of Sorel on FB.

    I’m up here in frigid Boston, so the question should be what winter accessory am I *not* a fan of. But, since an answer is an requirement, I’ll say cashmere socks because my feet are always cold. And, cashmere socks would go so nicely with a pair of Sorel boots. (I’m just sayin’!)

  39. I love scarves. they are so cute and comfy and stylish. I am a fb fan. amy bolda pugmire and follow on twitter. 1amypugmire.

  40. Aimee W. says

    My very favorite winter accessory is a pair of cashmere gloves I received as a birthday present 5 years ago. And, yes, they are still holding up nicely! Thanks!

  41. Aimee W. says

    I am a Facebook fan of Sorel (Aimee Waerhouse)…and I am following Sorel on Twitter (username Nelsby).

  42. kirsten says

    My soft chenille gloves! I follow @miriama59

  43. 1) I follow via twitter @vegasrissa.
    2) My favorite winter accessory are my comfy boots.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  44. Katie says

    My favourite winter accessory is my hand-knit Star Trek scarf in science colors. It’s deliciously geeky and matches my Sorel snow boots. 😀

    I follow Sorel on Twitter.

  45. I am a fan on FB Melissa Roehl Gartand. My fav winter accessory are my scarves! I have made some, my friends and fam have made others for me. Thanks!!

  46. Barbara Wallen says

    I love gloves. All kinds & colors.

    Following as ShoeGalligator on twitter.

  47. Ali says

    I follow sorel via twitter!


  48. Ali says

    I love earmuffs, boots and glittens!

  49. Amelia says

    I was ONE mouse click away from buying a pair of super cute Sorel boots and the I saw this giveaway! My absolute favorite winter accessory is of course BOOTS! They can make or break an outfit and it just so happens that I think Sorel boots always make an outfit. Word.
    I am a fan on the book & follow Sorel on the twit @chefswidow.

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