1. Vanessa S says

    My favorite winter accessory is a tossup between my thigh high boots and my fake fur coats/jackets. These two accessories are the only reason that I look forward to the winter.

  2. Vanessa S says

    I am a FB fan @Vanessa Lynn

  3. Crystal Gilland says

    My favorite winter accessory would probably be colorful scarves! I’m a FB fan @crystalgilland.

  4. Grad School Mommy says

    I follow Sorel on Twitter (I’m GradSchoolMommy) — and became a FB fan, too. 🙂 (#696 — Tiffany) 🙂

  5. Elise says

    I can’t survive the New England winter without my trapper hat to protect my ears! Thanks for the giveaway – @aquale on twitter.

  6. Grad School Mommy says

    My favorite winter accessory is a fabulous scarf my mother-in-law got me — from Quebec City. It’s wool with multi-colored stripes and goes with everything. I’ve had it for at least 6 years now and everytime I wear it, I get compliments. Oh yeah, it keeps me warm, too. 🙂 (Love me some Sorel boots!!)

  7. Kimberly Marney says

    I am now a Fan on Facebook. My favorite accessory is my pink cashmere gloves I purchased at Saks…. Unfortunately after 4 years they have developed a hole that I need to get fixed!

  8. Deb Anderson says

    I’m a fan on Facebook

    My favorite accessory is my gloves with Thinsulate lining. I freeze in winter, and Thinsulate is the only thing I’ve found that keeps me warm while not being too bulky and allowing freedom of movement. Thinsulate rocks! I’m very pleased to see that these Sorel boots also have a Thinsulate lining. That means my toes will stay toasty!

  9. Someone made me a SNOOD (scarf with hood) and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it! 🙂

  10. follow sorel on twitter
    and on facebook

  11. Elaine K says

    My favorite winter accessory is a scarf I crocheted a few years ago. I love how soft it is and how it looks, also that I made it myself is pretty sweet. I love taking it out every winter. I follow on twitter @lanieekat, thanks for the opportunity to win these rocking boots. I think I would crochet a scarf to match it I won these.

  12. […] if you didn’t when, as we’ve got a ton of great giveaways coming up, including the Sorel Torino Boot Giveaway that just went up this week! Share and […]

  13. Valerie H. says

    Follow tweets and am a Facebook fan. I love my “Cousin Eddie hat”–you know…Cousin Eddie from Nat’l. Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation?!? It keeps me warm in this sub-zero Minnesota winter!

  14. Julie says

    Ooh, easy. The camo mitten flip gloves (I snagged from my dad) with a magnetic flap closure, so versatile! And they’re originally for hunting so they’re so incredibly warm 🙂

  15. Mary Kennedy Withrow says

    I’m a fan on facebook as of today! I love hats, I hate tons of hats, and wear one every day. My favorite is a new one that is black felt and has a floppy brim, it’s the coolest hat I have seen all winter. I want those Sorel boots so so bad!

  16. I have two favorite winter accessories; 1. over the knee socks from Sweet Marcel, every color! 2. hats… hats… hats… I love me a nice cashmere or wool/acrylic hat. Any shape, any style!

  17. Amanda says

    Definitely scarves, I have every color of the rainbow and won’t leave my house without one. I don’t tweet but I became a fb fan. LOVE Sorel!

  18. Jennifer B. says

    I follow Sorel on twitter (bayctygrl)

    My favorite winter accessory are gloves! Especially the driving gloves, I like it when I don’t have to take them off in the stores, (less germ touching lol)

  19. Tracy P says

    My favorite winter accessory is a Purple and Aqua scarf my mother in law brought me back from India 2 years ago.

  20. Cindy says

    I follow @getalonghome, and my favorite winter accessory is my knit scarf/hat set that my MIL got me for Christmas.

  21. Christie Haydock says

    My favorite winter accessory is a wonderful scarf!!


  22. @ivannawin says

    Hello 🙂

    I follow on twitter @ivannawin

    my fav. accessory is scarves. I enjoy knitting them through out the year or the family to wear when the weather gets cool… FUN FUN

    thanks for another awesome contest you all are the best 🙂

  23. Lisa M says

    I follow on twitter –> special_li

    My favorite winter accessory is my cashmere lined leather gloves that keep my fingers super warm!!

  24. Diane says

    My fav winter accesory is my “wristies” i got last year, They are like long fingerless mittens. They are great for when your gloves are a little short and dont cover your wrists and are perfect for layering under gloves . the wristies i have go from my thumb to about 1/2 the way to my elbow. They help keep me warm when i am cleaning off my car or the truck and have to reach up or stretch.

  25. Terry C says

    I follow Sorel on Twitter (tlcfromtn)
    My favorite winter accessory would be gloves. My fingers get awfully cold!
    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  26. Valerie C. says

    I’m following @sorelfootwear on Twitter
    I’m dragonfly777

  27. Brandy says

    i follow on twitter @notimemommy and facebook BrandyWalleshauser

    my fav. winter accessory is my leg warmers

  28. Tammy T says

    I’m loving the Infinity Scarf!!!


  29. Debra J. says

    My favorite winter accessory(ies) are my assortment of fuzzy scarves knitted by my mom, my sister and me.

    I’m a facebook fan (debraluj) & following @sorelfootwear & @fashionpulse on twitter. (@debralu)

    Thank you!

  30. patty herbert says

    My favorite accesory is my brown fluffy gloves. They are so warm and i hope I never lose them.

  31. Jill Hayes says

    My favorite accessory are my warm, cozy gloves!

  32. Suzanna says

    I’m a fan on Facebook! My favorite winter accessory are big knit scarves! Ones you can fully wrap yourself up in!

  33. Dan F. says

    I would say my favorite piece of winter gear are my Sorel Caribou’s. My girlfriend has been eying getting a pair of Sorels herself 😉

  34. Valerie C. says

    I’m always cold….so a scarf is good for me….especially because I hate to button my coat 🙂

  35. Michelle says

    My favorite winter accessory is my Burberry scarf. I follow sorelfootwear on twitter (pinkblush99) thank you!

  36. Chris Sorel says

    Follow Sorel footwear on twitter and facebook. My driving cap is great for cold morning and wish I had a new pair boots to go with it.

  37. Roma says

    My favorite winter accessory is my big, giant coat! It is warm and cozy and I love it. Thanks!

  38. Elkaye says

    I’m a twitter follower: @Elkaye. For winter, I love my big cotton earmuffs and scarf.

  39. Roma says

    I follow Sorelfootwear @romapr09 thanks!

  40. Those are such cute boots: Sorel Torino boots are fashionable and functional….u make me look foward to bad weather so I can look good 🙂 !!! I am a facebook fan and twitter follower @nutmeg237

  41. whoops in all my babbling I forgot to tell you my favorite winter accesory are my scarves….i have many colors and prints….the y add a splash of color and fun to any outfit, plus keeps me extra warm on those chilly winter days 🙂

  42. Kellie Wilson says them..they look great and keep me warm..I follow sorel on twitter and am a fan on facebook! Thanks!

  43. Cecylia says

    My favorite are boots, and thats not because thats what we are to win here(posible)…I love wearing my boots whaen it gets chilly in fall, I think its cheeky and comfortable so I’m in…but mine are not waterproof so I will love to win those…

    And I’ve been fun on facebook for a while now.

  44. hofken says

    My favorite winter accessory is my long, black scarf that I tuck under my coat.

    I’m a Twitter follower @hofken

  45. Trish says

    I’m following sorel on twitter and facebook. My favorite winter accessory would have to be my glittens! I guess technically they’re fingerless gloves, but I see them as a combo of a glove and a mitten…and therefore a glitten!

  46. sdk says

    @aesthetist My favorite winter accessory is my organic wool socks for keeping my feet warm as i walk our two pups around the city 🙂 Thanks!

  47. I love boots because I am always having to walk through the snow.

  48. Ally S. says

    My favorite winter accessory is a pair of BOOTS!! Second would have to be my infinity scarf.
    love winter!

  49. Following now via @jonesingfor!

    I have these fabulous gloves where the pointer finger and thumb have little removeable hoods that button back, so you can use the fingers for say, a touch-screen phone (which I have)! They’re so convenient so I don’t have to remove my gloves to answer a call, check my mail, etc!

  50. Either my black snow boots (that have begun to leak!) or my houndstooth scarf! or my red coat… The only nice thing about winter is the accessories!

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