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  1. brandi easterwood says

    I would bring skinny jeans, boots, lipgloss and of course my camera.

  2. Rosemary says

    I would pack my warmest boots (hopefully sorels), a warm down parka, faux fur muff, warm mittens, and my enthusiasm!!!

  3. Isabel Carmona says

    Fairies wear boots but Sundancers wear Sorel!

  4. april j says

    I would definitely pack a pair of Sorels (if I had some) and a cute scarf!

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  6. amyB says

    hmmmm, at least two? I’m an infamous overpacker.
    I would bring at least two pairs of my Sorels, my Buxom lipgloss (who needs chapped lips?) and haute, but fierce winter coats.
    Oh…my camera, too:)

  7. hofken says

    If I were going to Sundance, I would pack my warm texting gloves so I could take pictures and keep in touch with friends. I would also pack the Sorels that I hope to win.

  8. Palak says

    Camera is number one! Then of course, warm boots and a coat.

  9. Poochie says

    Sleek black jeans, warm gloves, my fancy Irish scarf and my phone. I wouldn’t even need to pack my Sorels, because I’d always be wearing them!

  10. I would pack warm boots, leggings, warm parka and sunglasses!

    cararolinson at gmail dot com

  11. Nic Strahl says

    It’s freezing out there! Sorel boots of course, with complimentary pairs of absolutely wacky multi-colored socks. Thermal base-layer tights that I could still wear under a sexy par of jeans with enough give for me to run around. I’d through on a puffer coat with a faux-fur hood & trim before I even left the plane, along with some well lined gloves. I’d also pack a thermal compression top, a nice cowl neck sweater; and if I felt like “dressing up” a heavyweight knit dress that wouldn’t get static from all my thermals, and would look cute with my Sorrels! Then of course the mandatory changes of undies, second bra, and my contact lens case.

  12. Emily Stern says

    I’d pack my Sorels–if I won them, of course–a snuggle to keep me warm, my iPhone so I could use the Sundance app, a thermos filled with hot chocolate, a camera, and my boo.

  13. Lindsay says

    Sunnies, lululemon winter coat, lbd and my Pomeranian!

    I don’t have Sorels yet, but just got to NYC to visit my bff and she says I need them. You might know her – a fashion blogger who lives in HK….

  14. Rachel says

    oh man, I need a new pair of boots desperately, too.

    How about a bright 3/4 coat, leggings, and some rainbow mittens and legwarmers? …and a fabulous wool hat!

  15. Amy says

    Having been there before, I would pack my warmest things since we did a lot of walking in the snow and standing in line … outside. In particular, I would bring my North Face parka and Sorel or Ugg boots. And, of course, all of my ski gear because that is the best part of being in Park City.

  16. Kris says

    I’m thinking I would pack Ryan Reynolds. What else could a girl need? 😉

  17. amex

  18. Bethany says

    In this order:

    – That stuff that you drink the night before to prevent a hangover
    – A ‘poser’ outfit for hanging out in the lodge and not skiing
    – Grand Marnier

  19. Allison says

    When I go, I will bring my North Face parka, Stewart+Brown hat, Kate Spade Hi 5 mittens, vintage faux fur collar, lots of leggings and brand new Sorels.

  20. Mandy says

    I would pack the cutest hat and mittens I could find, my camera, a skech pad and a sharpie maker incase I run into a celeb that was willing to autograph 🙂

  21. La Wanda Carter says

    I would bring a pair of Sorel boots and a nice outfit.

  22. SH says

    If I were to go, I would probably bring too much. I would definitely bring a camera, a pair of Bass shoes, my best dresses and tops, and my best jeans. I would pack numerous coats as well. I don’t pick my outfit till the last minute!

  23. Lindsay says

    I’d pack my big vaute couture coat, a great pair of sunglasses, a handful of sweaters to keep me nice and warm and chunky socks to go in my boots– preferably Sorel! 🙂

  24. Iris says

    I would bring lots of oversized sweaters and jeggings, its cold in NYC.

  25. Deborah Curran says

    Wow – If I were able to go I’d bring earmuffs , cashmere lined gloves, gorgeous sunglasses, my Cole Haan white winter jacket (very warm), long cashmere turtle neck sweater and cashmere leggings and a pair of Sorel boots (if I had a pair)

  26. Tori says

    I would back some thick thick leggings to wear with cozy sweater dresses and big scarves. Oh, and a cute pom pom hat and gloves… pretty much cover my whole body! Brrrrr….. And I would need some rockin Sorel boots for my feet!

  27. Jen says

    I would pack my camera, an awesome coat, and some sunglasses… some Sorel boots would be a nice addition 🙂

  28. Gaye McGill says

    I’d make sure to pack warm, with thermal underwear, cute jeans, a fabulous flashy jacket and a faux fur hat to keep my head and ears warm.

  29. mle says

    I’d bring colorful legwarmers to stick out of my new Sorel boots, and ginormous earrings to hang down below the egde of my hat. *Have to make fashion count where you can see it!

  30. Cathy Mueller says

    I’d pack pictures of my husband, kids and the 2 dogs who would all be terribly sad they weren’t with me 🙂 !

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  32. Nikki says

    I would take my extra long North Face down jacket and skinny jeans

  33. sunchicka says

    My parka and thick gloves!

  34. Sheryl says

    My very warm Canadian hat, with my mittens that can shed off to fingerless gloves and pink gloss for my cold lips

  35. Dawn says

    I’d pack my fur lined leather coat and a warm hat with gloves.

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