Our Best Dressed At The Oscars | Fashion Pulse Daily


  1. Jessica Z. says

    Fantastic choices!
    My personal favorite – Number 2, Rose Byrne in Vivienne Westwood. She never gets it wrong!

  2. mamavalveeta03 says

    I loved Michelle Williams’ look–everything about it was right. But Jessica Chastain’s dress struck me as “old Versace” (sorry, vintage…ahem). Angelina Jolie’s OVERT “Look at how sexy I am” seemed pathetic, not sexy at all (plus, she is looking more and more like she has an eating disorder), same goes for Rose Byrne: loved the dress, didn’t love that she looked like “a toothpick in a dress.” Gwyneth is a star and she constantly reinforces that with her choices. Perfection (albeit model-thin, not even actress-thin!). Cameron just looked…meh…It just seemed like it had been done before a thousand times. I loved Penelope Cruz–class, ladylike, a real movie star! I’m not trying to sound like a “hater” but Hollywood’s obsesssion with THIN is pretty scary and not healthy in any way.

  3. admin says

    lol, I liked hers; maybe I have a thing for ‘old Versace’! 🙂

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