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January 1, 2009

New Year’s Style Resolutions!

fashion1As 2008 ends, now is a good time as any to consider what my style choices and changes for 2009 may be.  Being more frugal and cautious is the theme that runs in my thoughts, and I’ve made a list of 10 things to do, and not to do, for the upcoming year:

1) I will fill a garbage bag full of apparel and accessories that I don’t wear and certainly don’t need, and donate them to the Salvation Army down the street. images

2) I will limit my shopping pattern from frivolous and reckless to careful and thought-out.

3) I refuse to get swept up in the designer collaboration craze, and only get two items at the very most; regardless of if Target has maked the items down to 75% off.

4) Add at least one new fashion blog into my daily repertoire of blog-reading.

5) Remain calm, cool, and collected through the final day of February and September New York Fashion Weeks.

norma16) Get as much Norma Kamali for Wal-Mart activewear as humanely possible; I pretty much work from home in my pajamas all day anyways, so I will be sure to make good use of thes stylish and super-comfy stuff!

7) Be a lot more DIY and thrifty with the items that I do have: rework old sweaters, make accessories, get old handbags fixed, get good shoes resoled.

8) Support those who make super-cool, crafty stuff — the best way to do this is to surf frequently.

9) Read my fashion magazines subscriptions (W, Lucky, Glamour, and Nylon are the biggest culprits) when they come out, instead of letting them pile up for months. hayden-panettiere-lucky-magazine-3

10) Don’t be afraid to expirement and take risks with my personal style –wearing a crazy color, extreme clothing detailing, something all-around avant garde.

And remember: life is short, but the trend cycle is even shorter!

Happy 2009 everybody! Thanks for supporting Fashion Pulse Daily!

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