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May 14, 2013

Luxury Gets Personalized with Ferragamo

customize ferragamo vara
I never thought that someday I’d have the accessibility to seamlessly transform a classic pair of Ferragamos into something fully customizable, unique, and meaningful to me, but lo and behold, that day has arrived, and it is today! For a limited time, the iconic, 35 year-old Salvatore Ferragamo Vara and newly minted Varina ballet flat styles can be made fully yours, selecting bow, hardware, heel, and upper colors, along with a metal plate bearing your initials, secured to the sole. The cost? A cool $550, about $100-$125 more than buying a pair off the rack, but with the feature of a custom initial, you can ensure this pair of fancy footwear is yours forever.

Varina - ferragama jrd
I played around with the options for customization, which were extremely user-friendly and beyond easy to navigate, akin to customizing your own pair of Nikes, Converse or New Balances, however with more streamlined options. I went with a two-toned blue/green pair (pictured above and below), which bore my signature stamp of fearless color, and literal stamp of my initials. No word on how long these take to be manufactured and arrive at your door, but nonetheless, I am smitten!

ferragamo soles

Would you personalize a pair of Vara or Varina Ferragamos?

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