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October 13, 2010

LadyMags Links of the Week

5-Minute Halloween Costumes: 21 Fab, Fun and Cheap Ideas [Glamour]

Skincare tips for the acne-prone … that DON’T involve expensive potions, lotions, or medications [AlreadyPretty]

Nigel Barker from America’s Next Top Model gives out his tips for taking a great Facebook photo [FabSugar]

Naya Shoes Giveaway! Win these Bakula Pumps [Fashion Pulse Daily]

A first look at the Club Monaco for Shopbop collection [What’s Haute Magazine]

5 Pop Culture Moments That Could Have Used More Eric Stoltz [Crushable]

Breast Cancer Isn?t an ?Older Women?s? Disease[CollegeCandy]

Nars Bento Box Set for Holiday 2010 [HotBeautyHealth]

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