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May 26, 2011

LadyMags Links of the Week

Tips for minimizing laundry [Already Pretty]

In truly, truly, truly outrageous news, Jem returns to TV [Glamour]

7 rules to avoid getting bedbugs when you travel [TheFrisky]

Couldn’t we all use $100 toward a new swimsuit, cover-up, or warm-weather accessory? Swim Shop Giveaways [FashionPulseDaily]

Why one writer is breaking up with “Glee” [Crushable]

What Would You Rather Have?  A bangin’ bod or $1Million? [College Candy]

NARS celebrates the launch of new book Makeup Your Mind: Express Yourself [BeautyBloggingJunkie]

For Memorial Day…Why Are Women Attracted To Men In Uniform? [YourTango]

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