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January 5, 2011

LadyMags Links of the Week

Hair Idea to Consider: The Junior Starter Tendril [Glamour]

Is January Really “Divorce Month”? [YourTango]

A little fantasizing about why Jakey and Taylor split…[College Candy]

What Were Q Tips Called Before They Were Q Tips? [The Gloss]

Stylish schlepping: How to carry your purse, lunch, and laptop without looking like a hobo [Already Pretty]

Shay Mitchell of Pretty Little Liars is Pantene’s new spokesperson [Beauty Blogging Junkie]

Rom-Coms of 2011: The good, the bad and the ugly [Yahoo! Shine]

12 Things We’d Like To Change About The Internet and Dating In 2011 [HowAboutWe]

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