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January 19, 2013

Julia’s Five Rules for Life Featured on Beauty Blogging Junkie!

My lovely friend Amber Katz of Beauty Blogging Junkie graciously included my two cents in her wonderful “Five Rules for Life” feature– read on below and check out Beauty Blogging Junkie for the rest!

My gal Julia DiNardo writes Fashion Pulse Daily and is one of the busiest bloggers in the biz. She teaches writing classes at NYU, works full time in marketing, writes her own blog and contributes to other sites like Beauty High and IFB on a regular. She also boasts the most incredible glasses selection in all the land AND is a treasure trove of ’90s parlance, frequently dropping words like “psych” and “rad” utterly naturally, as if we were toasting to Zomething Different with our Zimas at a party in 1997, instead of clinking champagne at a launch for mascara in 2013. Julia is beyond savvy about life, beauty and fashion, so I hit her up to share her Five Rules For Life. Here they are, in Julia’s words.

1. Embrace (or create) a meaningful, signature style.
Despite the trends and “it” colors, do you have something that you absolutely love and if you could, wear every day? If so, do it! If not, think about what style/silhouettes/colors look incredible on you, and start wearing them more regularly, or investing in pieces that fall into that category.  Or perhaps make your go-to an item that has some sentimentality attached to it, like a piece of jewelry (for me, it’s a ring). It gives some individuality, significance, and confidence to my every day look, and now I feel naked without it!

2.  Don’t underestimate the power of a good green juice.At first, I thought they looked kinda gross, but when I found the right combination of ingredients (parsnip, parsley, green apple, celery, grapes, spinach, lemon, lots of ice, and a TON ginger), I was hooked. When I’m feeling super exhausted, hung over, or the beginnings of a cold coming on, I green juice it up and feel instantly amazing. I usually drink one in the morning, and it’s (almost) better than coffee, while delivering a great dose of veggie which seems to always be lacking from mainly carb-heavy breakfast food options. Just try not to think about it looking like a Gremlin got into a blender.

3. There is a PERFECT shade of red lipstick out there for you – I promise!
Have you ever seen an older lady with a vibrant shade of deeply pigmented red lipstick, perfectly applied, and thought to yourself “I want to be like that when I’m 80? Click here to head to Beauty Blogging Junkie to see the rest of my rules for life!


  1. Sunnymay says

    I agree with the 5 rules and would add to the tranquility one. Take time for yourself every day. It’s something to look forward to and keeps you going by restoring your energy and refreshing your outlook. It’s good for your mind, body and especially your spirit and soul. As the stewardesses say when doing through the safety drill on a plane, put the oxygen mask on yourself first, so you can be of use to help somebody else.

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