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December 5, 2012

IN VOGUE: THE EDITOR’S EYE Debuts on HBO December 6th

[All images and video clip courtesy of HBO]

“It’s about making an image…but how we get there is almost impossible to explain,” states Tonne Goodman and Phyllis Posnick, fashion editors of Vogue Magazine in the intro clip to  IN VOGUE: THE EDITOR’S EYE, which debuts on HBO Thursday, December 6th, at 9-10pm EST.  In celebration of Vogue‘s 120th anniversary, HBO Documentary films in association with Vogue created this dialogue of numerous accounts that reflect the wonder, the beauty, the stress, tension, and execution of the distinct, artistic image of Vogue over the years.  Produced and directed by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, the interview subjects include Anna Wintour, Vera Wang, Patti Hansen, Linda Evangelista, Marc Jacobs, Sarah Jessica Parker, Grace Coddington, Babs Simpson, and more.

[Vogue’s past and present fashion editors]

Fortunate enough to attend the screening of the documentary,  I reveled in the personalities, the hardwork, and the beauty involved in the creation process – the anguish over certain details that the reader may, or may not pick up on. If you have HBO, I strongly recommend watching this amazing documentary to understand the vital role a fashion editor plays in the very foundation of Vogue as we know it today.

-Julia DiNardo

**Other HBO playdates include:

December 6th: 5am

December 8th: 345pm

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December 18th: 1215pm

December 21: 330pm

December 24th; 1:15pm


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