Help Me Pick the Perfect Pair of Carlos by Carlos Santana Holiday Shoes: And Get the Same Pair for Yourself! | Fashion Pulse Daily


  1. pinky says

    #2 definitely!

  2. Palak says

    I LOVE #3, but I think #5 would look best with your dress (if you’re wearing it to a holiday party), since the shoes are more holiday-ey. But for the rest of the year, I would go with #3.

  3. Bebe says

    Absolutely the Windsor Red! The Blue/Black shoes will be competition with your lacey tights! RED, RED, RED, that’s what will make your outfit stand out!! Those Windsor Red’s are hot!!!!

  4. Shara says

    Number 2. The red adds a touch of color and sass!

  5. #2
    Ditch the lace hose though and either go with nude or a red sheer hose… that would be hawt! Those shoes are to die for! Have fun!

  6. Teresa says

    #3 looks the best

  7. Eric Winship says

    Number 5 is a must. Completes the dress while maintaining sexiness, sophistication, and attitude!

  8. CMC says

    I’d go with #3 – classic yet fun and festive at the same time. LOVE ’em!

  9. shirleyf says

    shoe #2 will stand out the most!

  10. Sammi says

    the red ruffle ones, definitely

  11. Sharon says

    I would go with #5, very cute and fun shoes.

  12. Hannah says

    Hard decision because I love shoes!! But I think #3 is amazing!

  13. Lindsay Hartkop says

    Bronze/Black suede booties!! : D Sexy, edgy, and different!

  14. Crystal Bennett says

    I am a fan of red shoes, actually any colored shoe with a black dress. Since this is a holiday outfit, definitely the RED #2 shoe. It will look so hot, and you will get many compliments on your shoes, they will be the talk of the party.

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