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December 11, 2012

Forget about Hallmark; Think Outside the Box with Cool Stationery

This is the time of year when you may feverishly run out to by holiday cards at the last -minute, but if you can give yourself just a few days — you will be able to get so amazingly original and memorable cards instead. Below are four of our favorite brands/designers who’ve created great cards at affordable prices that will work for you this holiday, as well as open up the realm to get some very very cool all-occasion cards.

Beltonia Designs

Beltonia Designs by Texas-based stationer Bryann Baker offers wonderfully thick, high-quality, eco-friendly, handmade, and customizable paper options. One of my favorite buys is the set of five Season’s Greetings cards for only $10, and her Wedding Celebration card set (three cards for $8), with hand-embossed text and images for am ultra-luxe way to say congratulations.

Feral Pony

Feral Pony, by Chicago-based illustrator Molly Schafer, is the culmination of her love for animals with her deft skill in drawing and painting through a collection of accessible, shareable art via affordably-priced cards ($3 each or $12 for the card & sticker sets). Now it’s beyond easy to combine a great design sensibility with a special occasion, as Schafer has done with these largely watercolor artwork cards that are sure to leave an indelible mark with her wedding, birthday, and generally-themed cards. Plus, I’m a big fan of cards that are blank on the inside so that I can take as much or as little space as I need to scribe my own sentiments – and Feral Pony’s cards gracefully fulfill that wish- yes!

Sapling Press

Sapling Press is a local Pittsburgh company that creates tongue-in-cheek cards that are rather hard to resist! We’re smitten with the holiday options, like the Ho Ho Home card set above (six for $18), done in a gorgeous two tone color combination in letterpress. And how great (sad, but true) is this New Year’s resolution card? Don’t miss the “we go together” series…which are perfect to give for a variety of occasions to a bestie, boyfriend, or loved one.

  Modern Paper Goods

Modern Paper Goods carries cards from over two dozen artists, but also offers their own line of super- affordable cards that can be even be personalized with a message and delivery date to be sent to the recipient right from the site! They’ve got some great holiday/Christmas card options that get away from the traditional pomp and circumstance, and offer cards really for any, and all occasions.  A favorite birthday card from the brand has of course a fashion-oriented image (pictured above) with the phrase “It’s your Birthday. Buy the shoes!”  — which is TOTALLY something I would say to a friend, and the cost? Just $3.25 per card — score! -Julia DiNardo

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