July 22, 2014

Beauty Tuesday: 10 Thinning Hair Product Options You NEED to Know About

When a guy starts to lose his hair, it’s upsetting, but when a woman does…it can be devastating. Stress, pregnancy, illness, medication, and aging are  all contributing factors to hair loss, not to mention the plans that our hereditary has in store for us. There is certain a lack of talking about thinning hair, especially for women, and since several ladies close to me are experiences hair loss for a variety of reasons, I invited them to test out some products that can achieve hair growth, volume, and strength.

See the slideshow above for the products that made our list, which are largely shampoo and conditioners, with some serums and sprays in the mix too.

If you’re looking for a supplement option, I’ve got one listed above, but overall, your best friend is now biotin, which helps specifically with hair and nail growth; just be sure to take some folic acid with it to help it stay in your system.



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