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April 14, 2011

Baggin’ Out: Deena & Ozzy Chain Tote (CollegeCandy Guest Post)

Every girl needs a good purse (or 12). Whether you’re going for groceries or running from class to class, they are simply essential for holding all your, uh, essentials. Each week, I’m going to show you a fashionable, yet functional purse for the college crowd and let you know why you absolutely need it! I apologize ahead of time to your bank account.

I just finished my exams on Tuesday (hooray for me!) and have quickly shifted my focus to planning my summer. I want to take several roadtrips, spend weekends at my camp (or cottage, whichever you prefer), work hard at my new job and look stylish while doing it all! I also can’t wait to spring clean the crap my wardrobe. I started this ritual a few years back and now thrive on tossing the old and bringing in the new!

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