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February 5, 2011

You are What you Wear – Right?

[Photo by Cara Photography]
Think about it — what really does your clothing choices say about you? Your brand choices? What would your motto be? It could be ‘ I have the utmost refined taste’ or  ‘You’d never know what a good bargain shopper I am unless I told you!’ or ‘I could care less about what I wear – it will always be an afterthought for me’.

We often don’t take pause to think about it – it can usually come down to a “what is clean, appropriate, and not wrinkled”  decision on a daily basis, but really – take a moment – think what your clothes may say, and if they are truly expressing what you want them to!  Today, I am speaking at the Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference in Washington D.C, as part of the panel “What Are You Wearing?: Exploring the Emerging Genre of Fashion Writing.” with Molly Prosser from ModCloth, Amber Oakley from, and  Sadie Stein from Stay tuned for updates on what we had to say about it!


  1. carrie says

    i attended the panel and found what everyone had to say to be fascinating. i was particularly interested, julia, in the classes you teach related to fashion, theory, and criticism. i’m definitely going to look up some of the writers you mentioned, as my interest in the intellectual side of fashion just keeps growing! thanks to you and the other panelists for putting on a terrific panel.


  2. admin says

    Hi Carrie – nice to meet you! Thanks so much for listening to what I had to say – best of luck with everything! -Julia

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