1. Catherine says

    I’d really like this foundation because I don’t like to wear foundation, but I’d like to have at least something on my face to make me look more put-together! 😀

  2. I’ve been looking for a product with natural ingredients to replace my usual foundation and this No Foundation Foundation sounds perfect.
    akaleistar (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. Sherry B. says

    I would like to win this because, as I’m growing older, my skin seems so lack-luster, but I don’t like to wear heavy foundations. I have always been careful of the sun so it’s not so much a problem of wrinkles as one of tone. I just look washed-out!

  4. Leslie A. says

    I will be turning 30 in October, and as my skin changes, my requirements for a foundation have changed, too. I liked the coverage and feel of the mineral makeup I was using, but it is just too shimmery for me now. I despise the feel of most other formulations, but I need to cover up some spots and discolorations. I would LOVE to try this product. I need to find a new foundation, stat!

  5. Jenna says

    This would be great because I hate wearing heavy foundations that have a tendency to cake up after hours of wear

  6. Tracey Byram says

    The word anti-aging is the reason I’d like to try this product. I’m fighting aging as hard as I can.

  7. MV says

    Just had a yearly physical with my doc and she said I need to get yearly checks with the dermatologist because I’m so fair and have some sun damage. All the more reason I need to use daily SPF, but I try to avoid anything with too many chemicals, so this would be great to try.

  8. Leonie says

    I’m just a natural girl at heart. With a darker skin tone, it’s very difficult to find a foundation that matches perfectly and I don’t like the feel of heavy foundation. Also as I age I do notice that my combination skin gets worse through out each season. I understand how important it is to take care of my skin and the key is finding a product that works for me. I would love to try “No Foundation Foundation”. This would be a true test that this is universal foundation that is great for the skin without all the harsh chemicals but gets the job done. I’m ready for the true beauty of my skin to shine through.

  9. Rebecca says

    I’d love to try this – I turn 28 on the 20th of Sept, and my “almost-40 but looks 32” boyfriend harps on me about how I treat my skin. He’s hispanic. ‘Nuff said. In my dumber days, I lived in Miami and got so much sun I looked like I was of a different ethnicity than the rest of my family. The result is obvious. Help! 🙂 And thanks for having such great giveaways!

  10. Cassie says

    OMG this is awesome… foundation always looks too cakey on me, I think this would be perfect for my skin

  11. Katherine Lawrence says

    I’m fair and freckled so a foundation with SPF 30 sounds awesome. However, most foundations don’t match my skin tone well enough and I run the risk of cake-face (you know, when it’s obvious you’re wearing foundation). I like the concept of covering imperfections while still looking natural. I would love to try “No Foundation Foundation” and have a glow without the typical cake-like look and feel of typical foundations.

  12. Clarissa says

    I haven’t started taking any steps to make sure that my face/skin stays healthy, please pick me so that I can change my ways!! 🙂

  13. Isabelle says

    This sounds awesome! I hate the feeling of normal foundation. I would love to try it out.

  14. Josh W says

    I’m a little short on cash this semester and my mom’s birthday is in October. I figure she’ll appreciate the gesture and hopefully doesn’t infer that I think she looks old…

  15. meg says

    I need this because I should start wearing makeup, but don’t want the makeup seen

  16. Meghan says

    I would love to try this product because I wear foundation daily. In fact, I’m self-conscious when I don’t. However, my current foundation is too heavy, this looks great and much more natural!

  17. Alisha says

    I would love to win this foundation because I love a natural make up. I want my skin to be beautiful and healthy while natural looking. I want to protect my skin not only from the sun (with the spf 30), but also from free radicals in the air around us. The No Foundation Foundation seems like the perfect mix of beauty and self to make any woman feel flawless. As a college student this will give me the opportunity to take care of my skin at a younger age with amazing ingredients while maintaining my small budget. the No Foundation Foundation seems to be a wonderful option to make me turn every head in the room and find my prince charming.

  18. […] Pulse Daily | Win “No Foundation Foundation” by Perricone MD! Posted by Sarah in win beauty products on Sep 15th, 2009 | no […]

  19. Ruth says

    I am in my 70’s and my aging skin could definitely use a lift. Most products are too heavy and look artificial. I would love to regain some of that natural glow.

  20. Rachel says

    I have had acne scars for a while and have gotten stuck in the must-wear-foundation vicious circle that results in more probability of acne–and, thus, acne scars. Therefore, I want to try a new product that will make my skin glow and healthy in order to break the cycle! I would love to try this. It sounds very, very interesting. 🙂

  21. Debbie M says

    I am looking for a good foundation with Sunscreen already added to make sure I use sunscreen everyday. Perricone products have gotten good reviews and I would love to try this Foundation and perhaps change my current skin care regime to include some other items from the Perricone line. I tried the Perricone diet and that really improved my skin.

  22. Angela Harrell says

    I would love to have the No Foundation Foundation. I have gotten a nice natural tan this summer and I don’t want to cover it up but I need to use something. This sounds absoulutely perfect!!!

  23. Jordan says

    I’ve heard great things about Perricone; I’d love to win this!

  24. Steph says

    Looking for something to replace the MAC foundation I’ve been using for years, but I’m just not happy with anymore. Sounds like this might be able to give me the smooth, even finish and healthy glow I’m looking for in one bottle.

  25. maria says

    wow, I’ve never heard of anything like this before! This would be great to use because you wouldn’t be clogging your pores with make up. I would love to try this out!

  26. Julie L. says

    I need this because my skin is s tressed out, tired and uneven looking! I’m going on job interviews and I need to look my best! 😀

  27. L.A.Looker says

    I could really use this because although my skin isnt yet sagging, I’m starting to get small but noticable lines around my mouth and on my forehead.

  28. hofken says

    I’ve worn foundation for years – mainly because the skin underneath isn’t all that great. This product sounds perfect. Thanks!

  29. Betsy says

    I know that the older I get, the more careful I need to be with my skin, especially in the summer/fall, but most foundations with sunscreen feel and sometimes look too heavy. I’ve heard great things about Perricone MD and would love to try the No Foundation Foundation!

  30. Kathy G says

    I have received some Perricone items from several different kits and have had great success using each of his products. I would be so excited to try this foundation since I have not bought any of his makeup products yet.

  31. Nadia says

    i need this product because im sick and tired of wearing foundation ..
    i feel like my foundation makes me break out and it would be ideal to jsut have the type of skin that doesnt need foundation so this product is perfect

    hope i have a chance

  32. Yoonmee says

    I’d love to win this because I’m currently searching for the perfect foundation. I want something that’s lightweight and will protect my skin. This sounds perfect! I’d love to give it a try.

  33. Amanda says

    I have semi fair skin with a bunch of freckles, most foundations dont work too well on my skin or they dont have enough spf…this would be awesome!

  34. Allison says

    At 32 with 4 young children and living in Florida, I feel like my skin is getting a triple whammie. I’m definitely aging, just by the years ticking by. Plus, I get next to no sleep – with my job, children, and husband to care for. Finally, the bright Florida sun really requires me to keep some kind of SPF on my face. The problem is that I have a pretty oily complexion and sunscreen just feels gross in the humidity of Florida. I’ve never been a big foundation user, opting instead for a touch of under-eye concealer, mascara, and some chap stick, but the No Foundation Foundation! sounds like just what I need.

  35. adrian says

    I would really like this b/c I like the idea of non-chemical SPF. I use SPF lotion on my face daily and this product sounds great. I also prefer products with light coverage like this one.

  36. mim says

    I *need* to try this! I am super-pale so I
    1. need spf 20+
    2. don’t do well with some chemical sunscreens–sensitive skin and 3. have trouble finding foundations to even out imperfections which match my pale skin and don’t break me out or react badly to my sunscreen

    this is like the perfect product for my skin!

  37. Jessica says

    Because my foundation has changed their product and I HATE the new product. I need a new light weight foundation!!

  38. Tiffany says

    I have hard time finding make-ups and sunblocks that doesn’t give me a headache. I usually need to replace my sunblocks and my foundation every few weeks. When the foundations & sunblocks are “new” – recently purchased I’m fine. However, within two weeks I develop a faint headache and my eyes start to smart. I would love to try this no-chemical foundation with SPF to see if it’s a perfect match for me.

  39. Lizzie says

    I love that there are no chemicals and that it is anti-aging. Who doesn’t need a little help in that department?

    smrtmouse at yahoo dot com

  40. Morgan says

    I would love to try this simply because I’m a makeup addict and I love the Perricone MD brand. Oh, and I could probably use the anti-aging help 😉

  41. Emma says

    I usually despise the feeling of foundation, but as I get older, I can’t go makeup-free like I used to. I need something that provides sheer, natural-looking coverage and evens out my skin tone. This product looks like it would be perfect!!

  42. Lizzie M. says

    I would love this because it is always really difficult for me to find a foundation that matches my skin color, and my skin dries out really easily so I would love to try it!

  43. shannon cooper says

    I need this product because my whole face is covered with brown spots and nothing seems to work at covering them up! I would be so appreciative to win this product! what a blessing it would be to have something that would boost my self esteem when talking to people and not having to worry about people staring at the brown spots on my face. Praying to win!!

  44. Sammi says

    I hate foundation, so anything that feels natural sounds great!

  45. Cyndi says

    Most makeup foundations look unnatural on me. I’d like to wear something light with natural ingredients that help improve the look of my 40 year old skin. This sounds perfect!

  46. JR says

    I have uneven skin tones and am noticing that my skin is also getting dryer as I get older.

  47. Judee R says

    I have uneven skin tones and my skin can use an SPF.

  48. Pilar Vasallo says

    Because I drastically need a new foundation that does it’s job and would love to try this one.

  49. Brenda Rockstroh says

    I have never been much of a foundation warer only because it is so diffacult to find the right tone for my skin, and I think that ” No Foundation Foundation” could solve that issue for me.

  50. Valerie H. says

    A non-chemical SPF 30 for my sensitive skin? Anti-aging benefits for my 49-yr. old face? A hint of color to let my skin’s “natual health and glow shine through” (where did it go, anyway?!?) ? Sign me up! This stuff sounds like a must have!

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