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  1. Denise says

    I bring the recycling from our apartment up to school to recycle it since we don’t have recycling service at home!

  2. Though my apartment does not offer recycling, and mine is really to small to set up recycling bins inside for me to drive it to the recycling center, I have set up paper recycling for me to take to my workplace, since we have large paper recycling bins. It’s a little step, but helps quite a lot!

  3. Shannon says

    I recycle plastic bottles, wear my clothes more than once to reduce running the washer and dryer, turn off lights in rooms that aren’t being used, turn the heat down at night and when it isn’t needed, buy products that are safer for my family and the environment (especially cleaning products).

  4. We’re working on some baby steps in my house. For one, we’ve completely stopped buying water bottles, and instead are using Nalgene bottles. We’ve also switched all of the light bulbs in our house to CFLs.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. anna says

    I have been using eco-friendly shampoo and hair products for a year now- my hair looks much better and i also feel good about myself 🙂

  6. Diana says

    I’m using reusable grocery bags.

  7. Sherry B. says

    I try to consolidate as many errands as possible to avoid using gas and save time.

  8. Catherine says

    We do not purchase any bottle water and we have a compost pile. 🙂

  9. Peggy says

    I don’t use water bottles and my family and I recycle via a compost.

  10. Jessica says

    Hi! I…
    a) have reusable shopping bags that I take everywhere I go
    b) don’t use water bottles and use a Nalgene with my Brita Filter instead
    c) bike as much as I can
    d) make sure all the lights are off when I leave a room
    e) aaand I make sure I don’t run the water when I’m washing dishes, brushing my teeth, etc. – I try to turn it off as much as I can. Save some for the whales! 🙂

  11. karissa says

    at the start of this year I made a resolution and promise to myself that by the end of the year I would only be using eco-friendly products. from dishsoap to trashbags and makeup, to shampoo for me and the dogs!

    The last thing I needed to replace was my mascara, everything else I had found suitable, or better, replacements.

    About 1 month ago, I received 3 natural and eco-friendly mascaras… I love all three. It has been a struggle before that. I tried Miessence, Physicians Formula and hated them both!

    So the ones I love are,, 100%pure ( and Pure, all are truly wonderful!

  12. Loppy says

    I’ve been sneaking around the office finding people’s empty bottles to throw in the recycling bin! It helps that I work with a bunch of slacker dudes. 🙂
    That and I’ve been encouraging them to use Nalgene bottles instead!

  13. Kayla says

    I do not eat meat and always go out of my way to recycle!

  14. Valerie H. says

    I recycle everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, that I can! I drive my family crazy with, “NO! Don’t throw that away!” You wouldn’t believe how little garbage goes out to the curb now. Plus, I bought a Britta water pitcher for our fridge and now we use that to fill our aluminum water bottles instead of purchased bottled water.

  15. Kelly says

    I use green shopping bag and I recyle!

  16. Jenna says

    I recycle whatever I can. I reuse plastic bags from the supermarket as storage and rinse out and reuse old containers from beauty products.

  17. Kat says

    I recycle everything possible in my city, buy almost all my clothes at thrift stores (environmentally and wallet friendly), and carry a reusable water bottle to the gym.

  18. Gabriela-CF says

    I have an aluminum water bottle that I fill up at work and use throughout the day as opposed to water bottles if possible. I have re-usable grocery bags that I use for groceries and even when I am running errands. Whenever we don’t have our reusable bags we reuse the regular grocery bags for our waste buckets instead of buy new garbage bags. I turn off the water when brushing my teeth and for the most part everyone in my family does as well. I wash my hair every 2 days so and only shower instead of take long baths. We don’t wash our vehicle weekly and actually share only 1 vehicle for both jobs! 🙂 I’ve seen others post some really amazing ideas and hope to incorporate into our lives as well 🙂

  19. Lauren says

    I use a re-useable bottle every day for my water.

  20. I recylce and I also use reusable water bottles when I can!

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  22. Zoe Lee says

    I recycle everything I can..and use a really nice aluminum water bottle to take with me everywhere i go..thanks for the contest. Z

  23. Angela says

    I recycle pretty much everything such as newspapers and bottles. And instead of buying new bottles of water, I use a water bottle instead.

    and btw, im a new follower and love your blog. hopefully you can check out mine too.

  24. Angela says

    i recycle everything i can, and also use washable water bottle instead of keep buying plastic ones.

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  26. star says

    I stopped using ziplock bags to put my grapes/sandwiches in, now I take them in tupperware

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  28. Carla says

    I made it a goal to stop using plastic. It started with plastic bags for food storage, and now I am no longer using plastic bags for produce. This is in addition to recycling, using reusable bags, public transportation when possible, etc.

  29. Laney says

    I invested in a eco-friendly water bottle and now can buy big jugs of water, rather than small bottles- I can’t drink the tap water here because I’m allergic to fluoride, but at least big 3 liter jugs create less waste than a bunch of small bottles!

  30. […] sharing Pivot�s mission and the values of eco-fashion! Fashion Pulse Daily is giving away an Eco Tools Recycled Retractable Kabuki Brush in honor of its anniversary. Looking Sharp! is recycling used and unwanted makeup at […]

  31. Vickie Riddle says

    We compost for our garden and recycle aluminum cans that we find. Turn off lights and keep unused power appliances unplugged. Wash full loads of clothes, dry for just a little then hang up or out the rest. Use cloth for cleaning.

  32. Abby says

    All my brushes and eco-friendly, and I take care of the recycling for my roommates.

  33. Charlotte V says

    We had been recycling plastic bottles>> we are
    so ashamed about how many we use, we are saving for a whole house water-system and Eco water bottles! We recycled grocery bags and had tons of uses, but that led to carrying our own totes! Now we are developing a garden after container gardening on our decks! Our lights are off unless we need to see something, we only watch TV together and for a limited, voted on time..
    Gosh I would love to win that fabulous brush, I had one like it million years ago and always miss it>Thank you for the chance to win

  34. I make sure to always use reuseable grocery bags when I go grocery shopping!

  35. Rachel M. says

    I recycle paper and aluminum cans, take short showers, and support businesses that are eco-friendly and philanthropic. I also shop at garage sales and thrift stores to help reduce plastic and paper usage. If I shop in a store, I bring along my tote bag so I don’t need their plastic bag.

  36. Loopy says

    I try to use less bottled water! I’ve been bringing in my own nagalene bottle in addition to my brown bag lunch!

  37. ruch says

    I always:
    Recycel everything
    Use reusable shopping bags
    Use a Nalgene bottle instead of water bottles

  38. Tiffany Q. says

    Hello (:

    I’m currently using all David Babaii products for my hair. Even my blow dryer and straightener (;

    I also re-use grocery bags (:

  39. Mar says

    I am currently vegetarian! Not only is that diet about as cruelty-free as it gets, but not eating meat completely removes me from the meat industry’s carbon footprint. I have no commerce with the feeding, transportation, slaughtering, or packaging of animals. Yay!

  40. Lizzie says

    I’m using reusable grocery bags, recycling soda cans, and not buying bottled water.

    smrtmouse at yahoo dot com

  41. Jen says

    Use reusable grocery bags, no more paper towels in this household – reusable cleaning cloths and using a water bottle instead of buying new.

  42. MV says

    I always use cloth bags instead of plastic at the market, I recycle all newspapers and magazines, as well as my plastics and glass bottles. Run around the house turning all the lights out in rooms that aren’t being used.

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