Spring Splurge: Ferragamo Jelly Ballet Flats! | Fashion Pulse Daily


  1. Katya says

    I love them! That red is blindingly hot. I need some spring shopping fix, maybe I’ll head for these first.

  2. Adrian says

    My only problem with these is that within weeks there will be several companies making the same thing for $10. Jelly’s arent very hard to make I imagine. Are they at least more comfortable than regular Jelly’s or do they stick to your feet when you sweat too?

  3. julia says

    True story: I purchased these several years ago [maybe 4 at this point] from the store for a mere 100 dollars at full price. I can’t believe during the decline of the Euro/Eco meltdown and the fact that it is plastic, it would go up 40 dollars. Madness. And even truer story, they broke after about 6 months of light wear but Ferragamos excellent customer service took them back and gifted me with a store credit.

  4. admin says

    ah man that sucks they didn’t last that long! I’ve actually had that happen to me with at pair of $450 Ferragamos, and they said they would just ‘send them out’ to a repair store, or I could take them there myself, but weren’t willing to give me any store credit or anything!

  5. admin says

    I think it just depends on your feet…and how hot it is! 🙂

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