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  1. Deine says

    Yikes! Okay…my dad is probably about a 2 (maybe 3) on the fashionable scale. He just turned 60 in Febuary of this year and is an Air Force retiree. He recently finished losing a significant amount of weight. The whole family is so proud of him for getting healthy again because his quality of life will improve immensly now that he is in shape again!

    Now, I think it’s high time he got some style back (he was quite the Lady Killer in his younger days)! I think this Nautica Gift Card would be a fantastic gift to give my dad (and I would help him pick out a couple things)! Plus, he’s always really difficult to buy gifts for since he won’t ever tell anyone what he likes or wants (he loves giving his family gifts but won’t let us enjoy giving him a gift once in a while!).

    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!
    (I also joined your Facebook page)


  2. Anne says

    I joined your FB page (Anne Jolly). My dad is about an 8 in fashion.

  3. rachel crisman says

    I am a Facebook fan!My Dad is an old southern preacher but let me tell you he is pretty fashion savvy! I would give him a 6 which is good for most men over 50 but my husband would also receive a 6 because he tries to look well kept! ha!

  4. Schmidty says

    I am following you on twitter @rusthawk …my dad’s about a 7.

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  6. I am following on twitter!

  7. I am entering for a man that has been kind and loving to my children!! They love him too! He is so funny when I take him shopping!!
    He is a farmer ,always in the garden and not a shopper .
    I made him go shopping with me and yes he loves it!!I gave him a pair of pants to try on and they were a 36 waist ,he looked at me in horror and said ,I don’t take a 36 ,I am a 35,don’t they have any 35’s . I started to laugh and told him “no ,only 36’s ” I asked him to try them on and gave him a belt. They fit!! He love to look good and he does love his clothes!!

  8. Brittany Parks says

    My dad is the most amazing man alive–and dresses the part! When he’s lounging around in the house, he’s definitely a 1 (he once took me trick or treating and someone asked if he was a bum for halloween). But when he cleans up…boy does he look like a 10!

  9. Jessie C. says

    @tcarolinep twitter follower. My dad is about 9 on the scale.

  10. carol y l says

    I follow on Twitter!~dresdenrain.

  11. carol y l says

    My Dad is going to be 80 in November and he always looks nice. He is not a fancy dan but wears nice pants and a polo and a nice sweater. He always looks up to date. I think my Mom picks up clothing for him at this point as he has some health issues.

  12. I’m following on fb (Kat Vill) & twitter (@katt_v).

    On a scale of 1-10, I would say a 7 😛

  13. Eve says

    Twitter follower @shopgurl. My dad would be a six. lol

  14. Valerie C. says

    I follow you on Twitter (dragonfly777) and like you on Facebook too (valerie.carozza). My dad was a 9 for sure…now my husband is a solid 5…lol. He just doesn’t care, as long as he has khakis, polo shirts and a suit….he’s fine.

  15. Lydia says

    I follow you on Twitter – @princessla66

  16. Lydia says

    I would say that my dad is naturally a 3, but, since my mom buys most of his outfits, he goes up to an 8. He looks great in his Armani and Prada suits but looks a like a big dork in his casual shorts and white socks pulled all the way up.

  17. jesspgh says

    Ooh!! Thanks for the giveaway!

    I follow on twitter where I am @jesspgh!

    My dad is not necessarily a man who prioritizes fashion but he likes to look nice. I’d give him a 7 which could go up or down depending on the influence of my stylish mother.

  18. Ashley says

    I follow you on twitter! I’m @BreakfastatSaks 🙂
    And my dad is around a 4 or 5 I’d say – he knows his way around a department store, but I don’t think I’d ever spot him browsing for clothes online or anything like that!

  19. Jennifer B says

    I joined you on facebook Jennifer bee

    My dad is a 3, poor guy. But he’ll wear cool stuff if I buy it for him!

  20. Tina B. says

    I’m following on twitter @warp65 and I’d rate Dad a solid 4
    when it comes to fashion. Nautica merchandise would definitely

  21. Lethea Benson says

    Now I love my Dad dearly but when it comes to fashion he’s a 5~middle of the road; but as a Dad he’s always been a 10!
    Would love to “freshen” his style with Nautica!
    Thanks oodles=)

  22. Amy L says

    I follow on twitter @amylou61

    My Dad is deceased. I’d give my husband a 7 on the fashion scale.

  23. hofken says

    Hey I’m following you on twitter – my handle: @hofken
    On a scale from 1-10, my Dad is a 7

  24. Rebecca says

    I follow you on Twitter (dragonfly777) and like you on Facebook too (valerie.carozza). My dad was a 9 for sure…now my husband is a solid 5…lol. He just doesn’t care, as long as he has khakis, polo shirts and a suit….he’s fine.

  25. Cynthia says


    I’m following you on twitter
    my handle is: @cmumpy

    On a scale of 1-10…I think my dad is probably a 4. He buys designer brands, but he doesn’t really stay “in.” He just buys the same type of clothes all the time. I’d use this gift card to change up his wardrobe a bit!


  26. Dee says

    I follow you on twitter @deegee13 🙂

    I follow you on facebook as Dee G.

  27. Dee says

    My dad is an 8 not a suit and tie guy but definitely can pull of the laidback look very well – always clean and handsome! 🙂

  28. Deanna G. says

    I already joined the Fashion Pulse Daily Facebook Page & my dad is probably a 6.

  29. Karitsa says

    Following on twitter (username: graffitikit)
    my dad is about a 6 on the fashion scale. this giftcard could definitely help him reach a 10!

  30. Lyn says

    I’ve joined the facebook page @ Lyn Valerie and my dad is definitely like a 4, but I love him just the same. 🙂

  31. Krista says

    I’m following on Twitter @dragerfashion

    My dad is adorable! Although he is not much into fashion , he still always looks pretty snazzy thanks to me! I absolutely adore clothing shopping for my father. Crisp blue button ups that make his eyes stand out, chino shorts and some leather, age appropriate sandals. I think yes! I’d give him an 8.5!

  32. phxbne says

    twitter follow – @phxbne
    how fashionable – 3 or 4

  33. Kammi says

    I am following Fashion Pulse Daily on twitter. I tweeted the contest I am @kammikoza. I am a fan of Fashion Pulse Daily on Facebook. I shared the contest with over 400 friends on fb. I am a subscriber of Fashion Pulse Daily blog. I would say my Dad rates 8 because he pushes things way too far sometimes. I know he cares and loves me a lot but sometimes he pushes things and he lectures too. That’s how my dad is but I would love to give Nautica Gift Card to my dad for Father’s Day. He’d like that! =)

  34. Kimberly says

    I am a Facebook fan, and unfortunatly, my dad would be around a 1 or a 2.

  35. Leigh says

    Face Book & Twitter are for lame-o’s but my Dad needs this stuff big time.

  36. ‘Hey I’m following you on twitter – my handle: @styleezta

    my dad is a 1. his wardrobe consists of cut off sleeves tshirts and sweat pants! when i was little he used to dress so sharp… a new wardrobe will do him right!!!

  37. Jen says

    i’m already a facebook fan

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