Me & My Sorel Hoonahs: A Love Story | Fashion Pulse Daily


  1. A winter boot that doesn’t look like my grandmother would wear it? Sign me up!

  2. I understand these are designed for weather, but they are still too cute to get all muddy and icky. I bet you’re secretly postponing that day when you have to wear them and get ’em dirty. They are just too stylish for words! Cuter than any Hunter boot.

  3. I bought these in black and I absolutely love them…comfort and style….I had debated on the black or chestnut and ordering them online I wasn’t sure of the chestnut color….but, looking at ur photos they are really cute and would go with practically any outfit.

  4. Suzanne Law says

    Wow, these boots look amazingly versatile! How do they fit on the calves? Only, I’ve got quite chunky ones and normally have problems with getting tall boots to fit! x

  5. admin says

    I think they are more generous than most boots -I can tuck them into jeans without having to twist and turn to pull up the zipper

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