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April 24, 2020

It’s Been a While…

It certainly wasn’t intentional that I haven’t posted in over a month, which is high irregular for me, but as much as I love writing, I also just couldn’t bring myself to post a single word. What does one say when the world has changed and everyone is frightened? How do I grapple with sharing news of fashion,  beauty, travel, and lifestyle when…there is none? And the tone just feels wrong?  With having a toddler and a busy work schedule, I haven’t allowed myself much time to be passive, inactive, and dwell on what is happening. It definitely gets me down from time to time, but it was time to reach out. I’ve been thinking of ways I can help, as I’m sure many of you have as well, which lends a purpose to this strange time and opens up opportunities that weren’t previously there. 

Personally, I’ve given my money and time to sharing information and helping my communities, and as far as Fashion Pulse Daily is concerned, I’ve decided that during this time, I would like to showcase my favorite small businesses and brands who I hope can all survive this difficult time. Wishing all of my readers the best — to stay healthy, happy, and positive that we will come out of this soon and be able to be out in the world, hugging our loved ones and enjoying life to the fullest. 


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