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  1. Piccolina says

    My favorite article is the Jimmy Choo for H&M article. http://fashionpulsedaily.com/2009/11/14/jimmy-choo-for-hm-was-it-worth-the-wait/

    My dream bag is the Sami Quilted Handbag. It would look great with anything!


  2. My favorite link is Target’s Latest Accessory Designer Collaborations: Cynthia Vincent & Eugenia Kim and I posted

  3. I love the Leopard Print Stud Tote,its is gorgeous! Thanks

  4. scott says

    I love the Artist Series Limited Tote the best and would get this to use for shopping. I really enjoy the series “Green Chic Links of the Week.”

  5. angie says

    My favorite articles from you are the green ones. I especially like the Green Chic Links of the Week and read those every time you post them! My favorite bag on their site is the Flower Print Shopping Tote because I do not carry a purse but I love shopping totes!

  6. Sarah says

    I love the Fashionable Freebies posts! And my favorite is this Carmela Zebra Bag: http://www.handbagheaven.com/carmela-zebra-bag.html

  7. karoll says

    i really like this bag-

    The color is purple but the hue is just close enough to a blue that it can be paired with alot of cute outfits. It also sticks out with out being an overpowering accent piece. It’s not like “BAM HOT-PINK, suck it bitches.” It kind of reminds me off that commercial where inanimate objects look like faces… (i forgot what company it’s for but it’s recent.) Anyway, every time i look back at it i smile, the apathetic eyes with the beak like pocket kills me. It’s a fun bag, I can see myself styling it a million different ways. Sadly my student salary doesn’t help..

    My favorite post is the one on Olivia Harris for Saks, i LOVE all them. I’ll browse their catalog and weep a little. Once im done with these retched bills, I’ll get myself one of them puppies.

  8. […] winners of the  Handbag Heaven Bag of your Choice Giveaway are: Benita G. of Bronx, New York and Cynthia R. of Tucson, AZ. They picked the Jaycee Rhineston […]

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