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  1. Following you on both FB & Twitter!

    What I love about Summer fashion? I’m not really a person who is good at layering, unlike most bloggers, so summer’s an easy time for me to kind of…. not. It’s too hot here for layers ;D

  2. Iris says

    I am now following you on Facebook!

    I love not having to be covered up in a million layers during summer and being able to wear summery sun dresses everyday. Also, flip flops! Or just everything about summer 🙂

  3. janice says

    i love everything about the clothes tht ftf have in the summer.. First of all there light fabric makes it easy to layer with out getting that hot heavy feeling.. The accesories are so cool bold and simple u can mix and match with anything. and they also give u the support products to make the outfits pop.. i love the summe ftf line

  4. Kim says

    Hey I’m following you on twitter @phillii and I’m a FB fan…

    I love cute summer dresses and sandals… quick cute fashion fast. One outfit – one piece add accessories and your set for the day and/or night!

  5. Calista M. says

    following you on twitter @fashionpulse – @califragilistic
    following you on Facebook – Calista Myers

    What I love most about summer fashion is getting to wear
    adorable little embellished sandals with painted toenails!
    I’m really into shades of blue, turquoise and teal on my toes
    this summer and I’m still loving the gladiator flats and peeptoe
    caged sandals!

  6. Aly says

    Folllowing via twitter @theFASHIONgirl
    I love shorts during the summer, especially dressing them up and wearing them with heals.

  7. Mari says

    I am a Twitter follower. My handle is LuckyDuckyToo.

    What I like the most about summer is wearing sandals. It is very cold in the winter where I live, so I cherish the opportunity to get a pedi and show off my feet,lol.

  8. Louis says

    following you on twitter at rosidentevil

  9. Louis says

    I love the flowing dresses most about summer

  10. I am a twitter follower, my handle is vdeliz.

    I love wearing bright colors and the summer is the best time. I also like to wear sandals and being able to wiggle my toes.

  11. I follow you on Twitter! @natssentiments

    I love the thin wrap skirts (sarongs) you can wear with your swimsuit and sandals and still look nice enough to go to a beach lunch!

  12. Denise S says

    I follow on Twitter: lazybones344
    My favorite summer thing is clogs.

  13. shel says

    I’m a Twitter follower @auntiethesis

    I love sandals in summer; I must own at least 7 pairs of sandals. It’s a chance to let my feet get some air and I love the comfort of a good pair of sandals.

  14. Carol says

    I follow on Twitter cdziuba and Facebook carol p dziuba and I LOVE summer fashion, especially lightweight flowy summer scarves.

  15. Sherri B. says

    I joined your Facebook Page! The best part about summer to me is the sandals!!!! I love having my toes free…LOL!!! Thanks!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  16. Ginny says

    I’m following on facebook. I love the sandals for summer!

  17. Kathy Scott says

    idahomom7 is following fashionpusle on twitter

  18. Kathy Scott says

    Since we have six months of snow in the winter, my favorite part of summer is warm weather.

  19. Ruth Bousquet says

    I joined the Fashion Pulse Daily on Facebook.

  20. Ruth Bousquet says

    I love the summer clothes, so easy without being bogged down with layers, etc. Also love wearing sandals, sunglasses and sunscreen.

  21. Kelley says

    following you on twitter – pandahugger76

  22. Kelley says

    My favorite thing about summer is flip flops!

  23. Angela Winesburg says

    Following on Twitter, I love the different maxi dresses that are out this summer, thanks!

  24. taylors says

    Im following with twitter – id electricisland
    I love the wide belts and capris

  25. Sheila Hickmon says

    Following you on twitter! @mom2anutball

    My favorite thing about summer is flip flops! I have a cute tattoo on my foot that I get to show off 🙂

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