Fall 2010 Accessories at Target | Fashion Pulse Daily


  1. Target is really starting to come up.I really like the 2 bracelets you posted. I saw a lady with a similar one on today. Hmmm wonder if she got it from Target 🙂

  2. Hailey says

    Target is great, especially for trendy styles – mix with a really nice piece, or a classic, and people will never know you paid like $8 for a necklace that looks like it came from JCrew…from far away at least 😉 Love those wedge heels too – totally need to scoop up a pair! Thanks for sharing!

  3. admin says

    totally agreed! I’m thinking about getting those wedges in BOTH colors… 🙂

  4. sally says

    love the wedges, very classic, yet trendy style.

  5. Amy says

    Sigh! I saw that rhinestone cuff at TWO different Targets now and still didn’t buy it. I really should next time. I think about it so much!

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