Duke it Out: Socks and Sandals? CollegeCandy Guest Blog | Fashion Pulse Daily


  1. Bridget says

    I have to agree with your take on the socks and sandals look. I have to say that I am pretty adventurous when it comes to fashion but as you mentioned, just because a model can rock it doesn’t mean it’s look can be adapted into everyday where. It’s like when editors take that one hot piece from the runway and transform the look into something more appropriate for normal, if you will, everyday purposes. I will say though, that socks do not need to be completely rejected. While in Europe over the past weeks attending to a sick relative I picked up several pairs of knit knee socks and started wearing them pulled up over tights and leggings as an added layer with knee high boots, to battle the bitter unusal teperature lows they were having. For example, black leggings, a black hooded button up cropped sweater with a long ribbed white tank paired with ivory knit knee high socks and black riding boots…the little peek of color added just enough pop that I did not appear to be attending a funeral…I guess it’s all an experimental process…just thought I’d throw it out there…hopefully with warmer weather approaching, I’ll loose the tights and just opt for the socks with boots!

  2. Jennifer B. says

    actually doesn’t look so bad on that model.
    But its not a look for me. One of those cases where only certain people can pull this off

  3. Daiane says

    I personally love the idea, even though I didn’t put it to test yet. Surely, the fact that here is the middle of winter might be a small inconvenient…

    Other than this, I would try the combo, really. Everyone else I’ve asked for opinions are either con or said it’s little girl/grandma style (the contradictions are mindbogglingly opposite).

    Maybe a short, cool dress thrown in the mix does turn things around. *hopes*

  4. Shawna M. says

    Agree… not many people can wear the sock+sandal look. Model legs + sense of style + confidence = go for it.

  5. Alissa says

    Socks and sandals reminds me of bad 80s ZZ Top videos (lace tops & pumps anyone?) or of grandpa’s tube socks and beach combers. Either just doesn’t work for me either, but I agree… it’s so cute on the ad campaigns.

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