Do you Wear Falsies? Maybelline’s New Falsies by Volum’ Express Mascara | Fashion Pulse Daily


  1. Wow! For someone who doesn’t take notice of makeup, that mascara does work wonders! July is an awfulllyyyy long time! 🙂 Hope to see an FOTD of yours soon!

  2. admin says

    I Will do a twitpic and send it – do you have a twitter handle so I can be sure to @ it to you? 🙂

  3. Sounds lovely!! Yes its 🙂 Thanks super!

  4. […] Coach’s new Poppy laptop sleeves. Fashion Pulse Daily tries out a new kind of falsies — Maybelline’s Falsies by Volum’ Express Mascara The Jet Set Girls experimented with Rent the Runway. Read what have to say about […]

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