Daffy’s: The Final Complete Puzzle Revealed (Wow…We Weren’t Expecting That!) | Fashion Pulse Daily


  1. clever!

  2. claudia says

    so witty! I love it!

  3. Christina says

    interesting idea but feels half baked as advertising. What does it have to do with daffys, and how would I ever know? How many people actually took the effort to do the puzzle on their own? Its way too much work for waaaay too little payoff. If I did all that to see a couple of models doing less than a see in any fashion mag i’d be pissed. meh.

  4. admin says

    I hear what you’re saying; ‘more bang less buck’ has been their slogan for quite a while – if you scroll over the image on the site, you can actually see the pop ups for the products you can buy at Daffy’s; I’d imagine the print version would have it written on there as well. If you go to twitter and look at #undergroundpuzzle, you’ll get an idea of how many people were participating

  5. gary says

    lame, what does this have to do with daffy’s?
    Ad agencies try too hard and this is an example of how behind they are behind culture.
    If I wanted to see this i could just look at every American Apparel poster from the last 10 years.

  6. Amy says

    I think this is a pretty fun campaign, really. I enjoyed anticipating the reveal, I actually googled it because I was curious, and I’m satisfied that I got to play along. I don’t mind that the end result is an ad, I suspected it was an ad all along. So what? I just think it’s a funny campaign and I think there should be more like this. Well done.

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