Christian Siriano Fall RTW 2011 Fashion Show | Fashion Pulse Daily


  1. Very curious to see how this will translate into the versions sold at Payless…

  2. I don’t even get my hopes up anymore. The past 2 collections that Christian has released with Payless have been disappointing because they always water down the design. I mean, that’s the reason why people are interested; to get couture for a great price. So them altering the design to make it more “commercial” or “wearable” makes it less appealing. I died seeing the shoes from Spring 2011 & hoped that they wouldn’t change the heels because that’s what made the shoes interesting, but of course, I was proved wrong again. They altered the design. I was bummed.

  3. admin says

    Yeah, the same thing happened to me! I wonder why….

  4. […] example- one fun and girly, the other sophisticated and chic, and both work appropriate. Thank you Payless BOGO, for helping me rationalize to add even more flats to my […]

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