Budget Stylista: Let’s Go Clogging (CollegeCandy Guest Post) | Fashion Pulse Daily


  1. Sara says

    Oh My Gosh this is a funny post! I totally remember wearing Paris Blues and Butterfly Clips. Too funny!! I am still trying to warm up to the clog. Not sure about them yet, great post though!

  2. Stephanie says

    Actually I have a pair of clogs from 2006 from the Bass, and they aren’t the regular type of clogs at all. I got them in this oatmeal color, and I still get compliments on them! They look quite different from these, or most other clogs past or present for that matter. I don’t have a picture of them, but they are just really cute, and so comfortable they are my stand-by. I suppose they could be considered mules, but I’m pretty sure they are clogs. No butterfly clips included.

  3. Amy says

    I’m glad that you highlighted clogs. I always have liked wearing them around the house (always with socks), but rarely wear them out. I have to disagree with you about clogs and socks, as I saw a girl the other day with a skirt, white anklets and black clogs. It was very cute and made me wish that I had thought to wear my clogs that day. You have to be careful to wear nice thin socks in perfect condition so that they show off the contour of your foot and ankle.

  4. shivani says

    If you are 50+ u can also look trendy and stylish just Avoid strappy shoes, go for classic ones like Moccasins style best found in stores like TOD’S.

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