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May 14, 2010

Budget Stylista: Cargo Pants Go Glam (CollegeCandy Guest Post)

This spring, cargo styles seem to have made it out of our 6th grade wardrobes and back into stores and into style. The upside (aside from the genius extra pockets for flask storage, that is!) is that this time around, they are a whole lot cuter then their ’90s siblings. Or maybe it’s just that we are a lot cuter than our former ’90s selves. Either way, I’m a fan.

The best part about this look is that you can make it appropriate for day or night. Yes, cargos are not just functional for recess/military operations anymore, ladies and gents! Cargo styles paired with a form fitting top give you a laid back yet sophisticated/sexy look

Here are two examples I love of a cargo pant and a cargo inspired short for both day and night.

Cargo Pants
I adore these pants. I love how they can be cinched at the bottom giving it the look of the harem pant with some room through the leg but not SO much that it looks like you could smuggle illegal aliens in them.

For day, pair with a casual v-neck (I love this apricot color with the green, but white works too) and some flat sandals. Feel free to let the drawstring around the ankle loose. For night, pair with this form fitted body suit (or tight tank if you have to pee a lot and don’t want to deal with a body suit), a good push up bra and some fun black pumps. Scrunch the pants around the ankle and off you go.

Product InformationCargo Pants – Lulus.com, $52; T-shirt – American Apparel, $22; Sandals – Charlotte Russe, $18.99; Body Suit – Forever 21, $17.80; Heels – DSW, $44.94.

Cargo Shorts
It’s a good thing I don’t have to be in a monogomous relationship with clothing, because just as much as I love those cargo pants, I love these cargo shorts. They are laid back yet classy, and short without being slutty. For day, pair with this fun floral tank (tucked in) and some woven sandals. For night, I love this monochromatic look. Tuck in the sequin tank and throw on a nude pump. Oh and don’t forget to shave your legs. Obvi.

Product InformationCargo Shorts – Lulus, $30; Floral Tank – Forever 21, $14.80; Sandals – Forever 21, $7.50;Sequin Tank – Express, $39.50; Nude Pumps – Forever 21, $22.80.

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