Beware of Meggings! | Fashion Pulse Daily


  1. Alice Olive says

    OMG. I’ve noticed a few of these tragedies recently too. I can’t BELIEVE this is becoming a trend. Shocking, just shocking. Superman and Lance get away with it because they sport a hector-protector. The description of the male body by Elaine from Seinfeld still rings true: “It’s utilitarian. It’s a like a jeep. It’s for gettin’ around.”

  2. Ebonni says

    This seriously must be stopped. Some people just aren’t meant to wear leggings, and that is especially true for the entire male population. The skinny jeans I can deal with (on some) but tight spandex type legwear is a big nono.. we don’t need to visualize your chicken legs!

    E- of

  3. Katie says

    OMG! Love the lingo! I will def insert that into my vocab and share!

  4. Hahahahaha wow one of the funniest fashion posts I’ve read in a while. I’m going to buy meggings for all my guy friends this holiday season 🙂

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