October 25, 2012

Winter Gloves and A Beauty Regimen in One: Who Knew?

Awe man…it’s that time of year when hats and gloves are permanently on my person- but at least I can make extra space in my handbag for them by removing my bottle of lotion. What, say you? How does this make any sense? The gloves pictured above, the Homespun Cozee by Grandoe ($35), part of the Homespun Collection, have an aloe treated snowfleece lining to soften your hands while they are being worn. Pretty cool, right? I sometimes use soft gloves and socks to lock in moisture overnight while I sleep, but getting a little extra treatment while I’m out and about this winter sounds even better to me! Available in four different patterns in size small-XL, these knit gloves are sure to be a stocking stuffer hit this season.

-Julia DiNardo

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