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July 28, 2015

Two Summer Concert Hair Looks Mastered with These Brushes

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[Creating two summer concert hair looks with the EcoTools Styler + Smoother and the Quick Volume Styler Hair Brushes]

I love, love, love outdoor summer concerts. Every time the season rolls around, I must ensure that I have at least two on my agenda, and I actually just hit that quota as of last week (here’s me at one of them)!  Planning out the logistics of what to wear, is just as important as my beauty look for the show; the two have to correlate together, and the hair (and makeup look) has to endure for hours, potentially exposed to heat and humidity, a little perspiration, and endless amounts of dancing.

For this feature, I focused on creating two hair looks that work especially well on my newly shorn looks: the effortless, sleek, combed back look, which keeps hair off of my face, can be executed quickly, and only requires one EcoTools brush, and the shiny, smoothed under long bob (lob) refined look, created with two EcoTools brushes.

The ultimate goal is to keep the hair off of the face, and in place, and the best way to start the styling is with clean, damp hair. I add a heat protectant spray, and then a generous amount of mousse, for added volume, to start.

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I really work that mousse in, focusing on roots, and moving what’s left down to about the middle of the hair strands. Next, it’s time to blow dry! I pick up the EcoTools Styler + Smoother Hair Brush, a super lightweight brush that helps to dry the hair faster thanks to EcoVents found on the back of the brush. It also fights frizz and static, and is extremely gentle on the strands, never tugging or pulling.

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It has a slightly curved, half-round body so that I get a bit of lift and volume out of it, especially at the crown of my head.  I spend up to 10 seconds on each section of hair, finishing up with combing back the top section, until it’s completely dry. Voila! Look 1 complete, the effortless, sleek, combed back look in under 10 minutes, with one EcoTools brush!
julia dinardo

For look 2: Use the EcoTools Styler + Smoother Hair Brush until your hair is about 80% dry, and then pick up the EcoTools Quick Volume Styler Hair Brush. This one is ideal for short to medium locks, but if your hair has more length than mine, you can use the EcoTools Full Volume Styler Hair Brush instead. I love that I can easily get all of my hair around the brush, and it holds it in place without getting tangled up. It also sports a generous amount of EcoVents, so you can work efficiently in achieving the style.

I wrap larger sections of hair around the brush, and move around my head in a counter-clockwise formation to smooth and move the ends under. I wind the brush down, and pause at the ends for added emphasis and curl. From all that mousse, the hair can have a very cool, slightly tacky, textured quality, which looks great once the hair is dry, but also requires to move a bit more slowly with a round brush.

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Look 2: Complete! Add a touch of makeup (that won’t rapidly melt in the heat), some fun lip color and waterproof mascara, and off you go to your favorite band’s concert!  Which look will you try?


Full Disclosure: This post is brought to you by EcoTools. All opinions are my own.


  1. Ayesha says

    love the looks i might try the 1st one and see how it turns out as my hair is wavy/curly and my city get more than anyone’s share of heat and humid weather.
    However, just wondering how long does the 2nd one last??it looks so polished..
    you look great anyways!

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