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  1. nicole says

    awesome giveaway, thanks for a wonderufl opp! i love sorels, and have my mom to thank for that. She grew up in canada and is without a doubt the most fearless woman i’ve ever known. as a doctor she is entirely dedicated her life to others. between her time in the army, or volunteering to help those in need, she’s been the biggest inspiration for me. thanks!!

  2. amy pugmire says

    my mom is so strong and fearless. she is our families rock while my dad battles stage 4 terminal lung cancer. she has stayed strong and positive throughout this entire experience

  3. amy pugmire says

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  4. amy pugmire says

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  5. Stacy says

    My grandma for sure! She was a diplomat for her country, Panama, and in a time when men were the bread winners w fancier careers – My grandma was traveling the world representing her country. She became the US consulate for them too and was recently commemorated. But.. I think the stronger, warrior part of her is that unforunatly her daughter and husband passed away years back and she personally recovered from lung cancer – she is such a cheerful, loving, generous lady that wants to help everyone she meets.

  6. Dianne K says

    My fearless woman would be my mom.She wasn’t afraid of anything.Many years after my father died she got remarried and she did things and went places with my step dad that her and my dad never did while he was alive….such as traveling.

  7. Stacy says

    Just tweeted to Sorel and of course I’m already a subscriber!

  8. Mamavalveeta03 says

    My 22-yr. old daughter, Rachel, is the most fearless woman I know. Rachel takes on challenges in her life because she doesn’t feel life should be comfortable. When just 17, she traveled to Germany to be an au pair. At 18, she spent a year studying at the university in Santa Cruz Bolivia, because the H.S. was “too easy” and she wanted to work! Last summer, she spent in Mexico working at a state-run child holding center taking care of orphans and abandoned children and babies. I could go on, because she’s done a lot in a short time, but the thing I take away from her is, “Don’t fear the unknown. Embrace it!!”

  9. Mamavalveeta03 says

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  10. Dianne K says

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  11. Tina says

    My aunt Paula was a fearless woman who faced cancer w/ pure optimism and courage. Facing sickness after chemo, she would only come home never showing how really sick she was. She never let the sickness beat her down.

  12. Tina says

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  13. Taylor says

    My mother is FEARLESS! When I was in first grade, my parents got a divorce. She pushed through it without worrying me and my sister one bit! We never had to give anything up because she worked very hard and made every holiday and occasion SO SPECIAL! I love her dearly and she taught me how to me fearless and stand on my own, even if it is beside someone, one day!

  14. Kelsey says

    One of the amazing women in my life is my sister. Is is not only an inspiration to be but to everyone around her. Her faith is strong, she became a nurse at 17 and has worked hard her whole life. I am proud to say that she is my sister. She makes me want to DO more and be more 🙂 I am a mama and a photographer. So I stay home during the day… I am now pregnant with my third! My sister is pregnant with me!! We are due about the same time and it is so fun to share this with such an amazing woman and friend.

  15. Taylor says

    i am a subscriber to the newsletter! thanks! LOVE sorel boots and have been dreaming of owning a pair!!!

  16. Kelsey says

    I am subscribed to yOur newsletter!
    I am LOvIng these boots!!! So perfect for winter! They look so fab on you LOvE it!!!

  17. Kelsey says

    Tweeted @promisesmitten and tagged sorel footwear!!/PromiseSmitten/status/131093026016722944
    Xoxo thanks for the chance!

  18. Jamie Adkins says

    My mom is a fearless, inspirational women. At an age when most people are retiring and taking life easy, she has taken in two sisters, aged 5 and 6 years old who were in a bad situation. Her kindness, patience and guidance to them is amazing.

  19. Jamie Adkins says

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  20. susan says

    My Grandma Barry was my inspiration. She had a hard life but she always managed to see things in a positive light, and her sense of humor was contagious! I found out how very much alike we were in my college years, and I credit her for helping me deal with life’s little annoyances times with a laugh instead of tears.

  21. susan says

    I’m a subscriber.

  22. My friend is absolutely fearless. She picks up her young family and they move around the world for work. Egypt, Germany, the Bahamas, Macedonia. She tackles raising little ones in every environment, and that’s awesome.

  23. Stacy says

    My 2nd Mom, Judy, who raised two great sons, managed her house, family and work. I so wish I could have more of her in me.

  24. Calli says

    My mother’s best friend is a fearless woman. She was my role model because she is hard-of-hearing just like me. She had a tough childhood but grew up and was able to love more fully than anyone else I know.

  25. My mom is a fearless woman. First probably for being with my dad for so long despite his flaws! They will be celebrating 35 years together. She is also always there for everyone, the kind of grandma and mom that most dream of. I hope to be the same kind of grandmother to my grandkids when I’m older as she is to my children.!

  26. Miguelina Salvador says

    My mom is a fearless, inspirational woman. As a single parent she worked 3 jobs to support us.

  27. Miguelina Salvador says

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  28. Zolane says

    My sister (15 mos. younger) has had two different kinds of cancer and continues to deal with health issues. All that and yet has the best heart. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do to help someone else. Brynne is a constant inspiration and much loved.

  29. Kimberly B. says

    My Mom is fearless and my inspiration. She is so strong and has taught me to preservere and about what is really important in life.

  30. Kimberly B. says

    I tweeted @SorelFootwear!/winsome6/status/131353412049715200

  31. Kimberly B. says

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  32. Kim says

    My mother is fearless as well as my inspiration. She never breathed a word of the abuse she suffered. She came through stronger but with a heart more kind and giving than anyone I know or could ever hope to be.

  33. Kim says

    Newsletter subscriber.

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  35. shirley fin says

    my grandma is fearless and spunky at 102. she spends her days volunteering in a soup kitchen and has taken in 4 homeless pets this year despite her advanced age and arthritis.

  36. shirley fin says

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  37. Kelly T says

    My mom is my fearless, inspirational woman. She has worked hard on the farm all her life and has an incredible work ethic.

  38. samantha hernandez says

    my half-aunt for sure. her name is Carmine and shes one of my best friends. shes truly the most fearless, inspirational woman i know. shes incredibly smart and is fearless in getting involved with any endeavor to catapult her in life. She goes out of her way to help her community.

  39. samantha hernandez says

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  40. FaithJ says

    My friend A. is absolutely fearless. She rock climbs, even at night, and has a fearless love for the less fortunate: she invites the homeless and recovering addicts into her home. Really.

  41. FaithJ says

    I subscribed to the FPD newsletter, and confirmed.

  42. Sammi says

    my mom – she hasn’t done anything dramatic, she’s just been a steady support and a wonderful friend for all my life

  43. MJ Moore says

    My grandmother is my fearless fighter- she raised 4 kids on her own, went back to college to get her degree, and just last year beat breast cancer. I’m glad to come from a family of survivors.

  44. MJ Moore says


  45. Daphne R says

    My mother is the most fearless. I scared her when I joined the Army many years ago but she was a trooper and then she welcomed me and my son back home when life changed drastically for me. I love Sorel footware.

  46. Cari says

    My mom – she always manages to do everything with a smile!

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