January 2, 2014

The Thing About New Year’s Resolutions is…


Well, they can be pretty difficult to see to fruition sometimes! Nonetheless, I really do like the idea of hope for a fresh start for a better me, and although I have a long laundry list of personal ones already (work out more, eat healthier, sleep, travel, read, & relax more), I think it’s important to acknowledge the accomplishments that have been made.

Taking things one small step at a time with realistic goals seems to be a sure way to not disappoint myself, so with that in mind, I’d like to share my exciting plans that I will gradually implement on Fashion Pulse Daily over the next year:

  • A Strong Focus on Accessories – I really love accessories, and I think a lot of FPD’s readers do too! I’m going to  narrow in my focus to bring you amazing bags, jewelry, shoes, small leather goods, and more from around the globe.
  • Categorized Content for Each Day – this year, I want you to REALLY know what you’re getting from Fashion Pulse Daily, and what to expect and hopefully look forward to as well! I’m going to begin to cater the content to a set category per day, implementing it over the next few weeks. I’m still working out all of the details, but for now am thinking to do like so: Monday: Outfit look of the day  Tuesday: Beauty/Tested Products Wednesday: Pair it With This Thursday: Designer Collection Sneak Peek Friday: Fashion Pulse Flash (a wrap up of interesting fashion & beauty news, events, and products) Saturday & Sunday: any additional content
  • Overall, Higher Quality Content – with the above being said, I’d like to also ensure that I’m providing thoughtful content every time, which may take more time to put together, so I may or may not kill myself to guarantee features going up every day. I would like to do it, but quality over quantity is one of my mottos for FPD this year. I’m also working on a book this year, and can hopefully share more information about that soon too!
  • Redoing the Fashion Week Coverage – as the fall 2014 collections approach this February, I’d like to showcase the content that you most want out of fashion week, which seems to be more about trends, trends, and more trends! I’m going to integrate new ways of providing my behind-the-scenes info and excitement from fashion week – stay tuned!
  • More Luxury Items – I love finding a bargain and am quite adept at it, perhaps a detriment since my apartment is teaming with amazing fashion and beauty finds! I’d like to tip the scale into more of a luxury, designer standpoint for 2014, but will still bring all of the shopping and brand goodies at exceptional values.
  • I Want to Hear More From You! – Please let me know if you like (or hate) the changes as I slowly execute them over the coming months via commenting on the posts, and through social media: Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube and Pinterest. I really would love to hear from you, since I’m going out on a limb here and can only HOPE you are as excited about the upcoming changes as I am!

Happy New Year, and thanks for your support; here’s to a GREAT 2014!

-Julia DiNardo

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