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November 3, 2014

The New Way to Think About Layers

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I’m thinking that the days involving outfit photos outside are numbered, as a winter chill set in this weekend and I’m already dreaming of quilted puffy coats and super soft cashmere scarves to keep me warm. Dressing for the elements is all about layers, and while it’s easy to merely pile on one long-sleeved layer after the next and loose your shape within, it’s modern and fresh to add some streamlined variations by mixing soft fabrics with even softer ones, switching up half sleeve with full sleeve options.

In this look, I’m trying out some new pieces from Everlane, a site/brand/philosophy that offers an edited selection of styles that provide ultimate versatility through a transparent pricing system devoid of extreme mark ups that we’ve (unfortunately) come to expect from most retailers. The price is always right (for example, the Short Sleeve Sweatshirt I’m wearing is $30, the Silk Blouse is $78), and its new Chunky Wool collection totally follows up with this new ways of layering thanks to tunics, sweaters, and cardigans that let your individuality shine through via a pop of color via an undershirt on the sides, peeking out through a generous v-neck opening, or out the sides, thanks to my favorite piece, the sleek Chunky Knit Sleeveless.

The new way to balance out this look is with a throwback pant or denim silhouette on the bottom, one that is baggier than what we’re used to seeing and veers into early 1990s territory, a la authentic “Mom jeans.” Last, practicality can be seen in a low-heeled moto-inspired boot, while I need to of course be wearing an eye-grabbing accessory; in this case, my necklace and tote do the trick!

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In This Look:

Everlane Silk Round Collar Blouse (c/o the brand)

Everlane Short Sleeve Sweatshirt (c/o the brand)

John The Craftist Steel Town Girls Don’t Stop Tote (c/o the brand)

Lucky Brand Boyfriend Jeans (c/o the brand)

AVON Cushion Walk Buckle and Studs Moto Boot (c/o the brand)

Nocturne Necklace via Shopbop (c/o the retailer)

Lanvin Eyeglasses via (c/o the retailer)

Sorrelli Earrings, Rings: Avon, Gorjana at Shopbop (all courtesy items)

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Grace  (c/o the brand)


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