October 20, 2014

Taking it Up a Notch for Date Night with Marshalls

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[All photos taken by my hot date!]

Want to know my normal date night attire? It consists of some sort of Pittsburgh-related tshirt, and flannel pajama pants. Seriously. My husband and I tend to use date night as a super mellow night at home to hang out, cook together, and watch our show of the moment, so oftentimes I strip out of my day attire and into something more comfortable to lounge around in. Plus, I’m not devastated if a little oil from the pan splashes onto my clothing. On the contrary, however, it’s really good to switch up the routine, and recently at a Marshalls event, dating expert Tracey Steinberg told me that a nice switch up would be to stay (or get) dressed up. Such a simple idea, but it truly adds to making the night special and memorable.

 If I we decide to go out and I  want to go somewhere fabulous… I better dress the part! After being together for over 12 years, it’s easy to succumb to whatever is easiest, but making a little extra effort, as Tracy points out, can go a long way.  I punched up my work look for date night by layering a faux fur vest over top of my leather jacket, switching out my stud earrings for hoops, and an oversized handbag for a clutch.
Several of the pieces in this look had been found at Marshalls, with all of them being designer items at AWESOME prices, that made me do a double check that I was seeing the tag correctly! It’s easy to give your look a little oomph and take a bit of a fashion risk when you aren’t spending a lot, but still getting the quality you deserve.
How do you spice up date night with fashion?

julia dinardo clutch elaine turner
julia dinardo naturalizer boots

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julia dinardo fashion pulse daily

In This Look:

Designer Dress from Marshalls  (gift card to shop the store provided courtesy of the retailer)

Kenneth Cole Black Leather Jacket (c/o the brand)

Designer Faux Fur Vest from Marshalls (gift card to shop the store provided courtesy of the retailer)

Kushyfoot Black Shaping Tights with Massaging Sole (c/o the brand)

Bromstad for Naturalizer Tanya Bootie (c/o the brand)

Elaine Turner Rachel Leather Clutch (c/o the brand)

Sorrelli Necklace (c/o the brand)

Designer Hoop Earrings from Marshalls  (gift card to shop the store provided courtesy of the retailer)

Avon Multilayered Tiered Ring with Embellishment (c/o the brand)

DVF Sunglasses

Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipstick in Fearless Fuchsia (c/o brand)

Need a bit more date night inspiration? Check out the “Styled with Confidence” Marshalls Pinterest board, where you also can expect to see a familiar face…

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