October 24, 2013

Staying Caffeinated in Style

keurig k10 mini plus

I’ve had quite a week:  starting with having to wake up 1.5 hours than I usually do for work, followed by a ton of events and running around, to say that a cup o’ java has been my lifeline would be an understatement! My new K10 MINI Plus Brewing System has been a total gem at accommodating my chaotic lifestyle, taking no more than 2.5 minutes to have my single cup of coffee brewed into my to go cup and ready to roll; if only I could teach it to throw in some raw sugar and securely close the lid for me too!

I recently downsized from a Keurig K75 Platinum to the adorable K10 MINI Plus, which looks so polished and sharp amongst my other kitchen appliances in its sophisticated platinum finish and compact size. At under $100, this model is a great entryway into the Keurig brand of single cup coffee machines as a gift for yourself, family, and/or friends.

Of course there’s no other way to start the work day when working at home than by using my “Shopping is my Cardio —  Sex and the City” mug my mom got me years ago (well, it IS true…), allowing 6,8, or 10 ounces of beverage to pour in. A compact tank permits water for just one cup at a time, which I think is a great feature, as water would tend to sit stagnant for quite some time, in between brews in my old model.

I love that with the Keurig there’s always an easily accessible variety of coffee options, with my top picks from Starbucks to Caribou, Emeril’s, and Newman’s Own. You can also make tea in the machine and indulge in your sweeter side with cup flavors Hazelnut, French Vanilla, or even seasonal offerings such as Pumpkin Spice. I definitely wouldn’t have the energy to keep up at my quick pace if it wasn’t for coffee, and this lovely Keurig MINI gets me out the door, alert, and on my way faster than waiting in the line at Starbucks!

The K10 MINI Plus Brewing System is available for $99.99 with a one-year limited warranty at Keurig.com and other mass retailers such as Target and Kohl’s.

Full Disclosure: This product was given to Fashion Pulse Daily, courtesy of Keurig.

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